About Us

Mission Statement and who we are

We are a small team of “normal” average “Joe” types that are simply trying to make our way in the world. Our goal is to take a stand for truth, justice, integrity, love, compassion, basic human decency and the meek of the world who currently have no voice in many matters that directly affect them. We believe in presenting a fair analysis of all sides of a story, event or the “news” and hold perspectives that may be very different than mainstream lines of thought.

Our site was formed / born on December 6th 2016 out of outrage, frustration and discontent in the way that mainstream and alternative media was used to try and manipulate public opinions. We feel that mainstream media is full of trivial content, controlled opposition arguments and much bias and disinformation. We also feel that the alternative media is full of  (but not completely) diversion tactics and stories, over sensationalized hype, disinformation and “fear porn”.

This site is designed to express a different opinion and perspective of many different historical and current events topics. This is not a “truther” site as, we do not claim to know the all the details and levels of background information to know to know “truth” on a matter. We will however speak of the truthful nature of an opinion / perspective that is formed by looking at different and specific data sets that helps lead the reader to form an educated opinion but, we never claim to know “absolute truth” about an issue, event or topic. We caution anyone equating us with a news site or truther site because we are simply normal average day Americans who are gathering information found in the public realm and trying to process all sides of the story and “data sets” to get a comprehensive view of an issue or topic.

This view is usually an alternative view of “reality” that is much different that the “mainstream” and common view of “reality” but, we feel that it better suits explaining and piecing together a story line that helps explain some of the many complicated events that occur in the world today. We are a small team who holds normal jobs and we are taking on a challenging task for little financial gain in this endeavor. Thank you for reading and your patience with us in loading the site with new content.