Protecting Babies From SIDS is as Simple as Not Vaccinating

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In Memory of Baby Owen:

“I wanted to share my story because my hope is that no one else has to experience the pain in my heart every single day. My son Owen Matthew Stokes passed away October 25, 2017. He was born August 18, 2017 and was just 2 months old. He was born at term and weighed 8.8lbs. He was perfectly healthy in every way. He was only breastfed, or bottle fed breast milk while I was at work. He always slept alone, on his back, with no blankets and had zero breathing or respiratory issues. He had never been sick. He received vaccines just 48 hours prior to his passing, he was given a combination of 8 different vaccines, which is the norm for a 2 month old. The first day after his vaccines he was very tired and lethargic, didn’t seem himself. The second day, which is the day he passed away, he was in the care of his grandmother while I was at work. He wouldn’t take a bottle, and was inconsolable. He was tired but couldn’t sleep because he was in such pain. His grandmother thought that he was just having really bad gas… she finally got him down for a nap for the first time that day, sometime after 2pm…But he never woke up. She went to check on him about 30 min later and noticed he was blue, but he still felt warm to the touch, she called me and I was in the car on my way home from work, Owens father was in the car with me and he called 911 and I tried my best to walk her through CPR because I work in the medical field and I am certified.. I was about 10 min away from home and by the time I got there he was in the ambulance…….but he didn’t make it. My little boy died and I wasn’t there… The next time I got to hold him he was lifeless in my arms. And he didn’t go peacefully in his sleep, he suffered. 💔 But yet we were told he died from SIDS. I didn’t know what had been going on with him that whole day or that he wouldn’t eat and his grandmother truly believed that his tummy was just hurting and he had gas that just needed to pass.

If you have children there will be a time in your life when you worry and you’ll have that scared to death feeling, when they fall and hit their head, when they choke on something.. imagine having that feeling.. and it never going away… because the worst possible outcome… happened. I know that feeling and it’s by far the worst thing you could ever imagine. It’s such a helpless feeling.

This isn’t my opinion on vaccines, it’s just my story. Do your own research before you make choices for your children. Realize it’s you and no one else that protects them from this world. I wish I had done so many things differently. I will no longer vaccinate my other children. My hope is that someone can learn from my story, if even just one person and they can make better decisions than I did. That their child will not have to suffer, and they may not have to feel the pain our whole family has to feel every single day.” – Jeaneé Joubert

This is the horrific reality of vaccines 😔 It is right on the inserts my Friends…as well as listed as side effects of individual ingredients that can cause respiratory paralysis and death in the DTaP vaccine -given at 2,4, and 6 months…the same times that SIDS risk increases dramatically.

Japan had one of the highest Infant mortality rates in the world – until they banned vaccination until babies were 2 years old. Now they have the second lowest infant mortality rate 🤷‍♀️


No. This isn’t rocket science. This is the criminal and fraudulent vaccine agenda that is evil from the pit of hell. They have systematically brainwashed us into believing their lies – but an awakening is happening.

We see you pHARMa. We see you CDC. Our precious babies are being maimed and murdered every day in pediatric offices and hospitals every single day around the world. We are onto your lies. We are rising up. We aren’t backing down.

In Memory of Baby Owen: (Facebook)

“In the United States, national immunization campaigns were initiated in the 1960s when several new vaccines were introduced and actively recommended. For the first time in history, most US infants were required to receive several doses of DPT, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines.14

Shortly thereafter, in 1969, medical certifiers presented a new medical term—sudden infant death.”


Infant mortality and vaccines study

Increased ER visits after 12 and 18 month vaccines…further study needed

Relative trends in hospitalizations and mortality among infants by the number of vaccine doses and age, based on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 1990-2010. Correlation between the number of infant deaths and the number of vaccines Both twins die after vaccines SIDS after hexavalent vaccine

SIDS is easily prevented

“We know the cause of SIDS. We can and have prevented them. It’s all done with a compound called ascorbate. Not to use it means deaths will continue. There is no other answer. There never will be. For our findings are based on scientific facts. Not medical opinion.”—Dr Kalokerinos

“I would agree with Kalokerinos and Klenner that crib deaths are often caused by sudden ascorbate depletions. The induced scurvy in some vital regulatory center kills the child. This induced deficiency is more likely to occur when the diet is poor in vitamin C. All of the epidemiologic factors predisposing to crib deaths are associated with low vitamin C intake or high vitamin C destruction.”–Dr Cathcard, M.D.

Vaccination depletes all Vitamin C in the Body

“In order to absorb vitamin K we have to have a functioning biliary and pancreas system. Your infant’s digestive system isn’t fully developed at birth which is why we give babies breast milk (and delay solids) until they are at least 6-months-old, and why breast milk only contains a small amount of highly absorbable vitamin K. Too much vitamin K could tax the liver and cause brain damage (among other things). As baby ages and the digestive tract, mucosal lining, gut flora, and enzyme functions develop, baby can process more vitamin K. Low levels of vitamin K at birth just…makes…sense.

Secondly, cord blood contains stem cells, which protect a baby against bleeding and perform all sorts of needed repairs inside an infant’s body. Here’s the kicker, in order for a baby to get this protective boost of stem cells, cord-cutting needs to be delayed and the blood needs to remain thin so stem cells can easily travel and perform their functions. Imagine that, baby has his/her own protective mechanism to prevent bleeding and repair organs…that wasn’t discovered until after we started routinely giving infants vitamin K injections.

Third, a newborn might have low levels of vitamin K because its intestines are not yet colonized with bacteria needed to synthesize it and the “vitamin K cycle” isn’t fully functional in newborns. It makes sense then to bypass the gut and inject vitamin K right into the muscle right? Except baby’s kidneys aren’t fully functional either.

Fourth, babies are born with low levels of vitamin K compared to adults, but this level is still sufficient to prevent problems; vitamin K prophylaxis isn’t necessarily needed.

Finally, several clinical observations support the hypothesis that children have natural protective mechanisms that justify their low vitamin K levels at birth . I don’t know about you, but we should probably figure out why that is before we “inject now and worry about it later.”

Do you know why vitamin K is pushed on parents and their children? Because pharmaceutical companies don’t like to lose money, doctors don’t like to be questioned, the American Academy of Pediatrics dare not change its recommendations.”


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