What is Wrong with Some Americans Today?

Leftist Hypocrisy


What is wrong with some of the people in this country to keep going around bashing Trump when some of us are pointing to the real issues we all should be railing against? Not that I like everything Trump says or does but, this does not stop me from identifying the complex nature of the problems we all face unlike some of you on the “Trump Hate Bandwagon”. I find it hard to believe that all this information below is public information and yet, people like me need to go around pointing out that basically you Leftist / Democrats / Trump Haters are absolutely full of shit.


Zero Historical Context, Zero credibility to your “hatred” and claims of “superiority” to someone like me. I am just an average Joe working to get by and, offering a different perspective based on volumes of information I have been consuming the last 7 years. The evidence provided here is overwhelmingly in support to you vocal Leftists being arrogant and, ignorant political hate mongers on a band wagon of “trump hate”. This is serving the globalist agenda to divide this country by making us argue about petty “politics”. The two party system is broken completely. It can never be repaired and must be completely revamped. The sooner you all see these points and the information below as valid then, the sooner we can get along the right track of cleaning up our political / social / economic messes in this country.


Let start with a topic long in the headlines this last year: Sexual Abuse Claims and Racism. I am really tired of calling attention to the fact that your claims of Trump being a Racist are completely unfounded. His sexual abuse issue of the women who came out against him during the election have all been proven to be false and that incident about grabbing a pussy, ok, I will get to that soon.


My doubts and fears about Trump can be eloquently spoken about in terms of the real root issues behind the “problems of Trump”. Leftist Trump views are based off of the “perceived danger” the globalists want us to fight about (Racism, Sexism, Climate Change Etc…). Get in tune with the real issues below that I am pointing to and we can then agree on the real issues to cry about in regards to Trump otherwise, you sound like a whiny hipster fresh out of idealistic college. This has everything to do about Clinton and some of the other players and if you follow along and actually read into some of this information you may begin to see why this is important. We all should be demanding accountability of these corrupt corporations and politicians regardless of political party.


For all you “right” leaning folks out there: we are glad to have you on board with at least realizing the utter corruption of the Clinton Crime Family but, did you know that the Bush family has been working hand in hand with the Clinton’s for a long time? If you are silently sitting there waiting for “Trump to save the day” then you are part of the problem as well and I hope I can get you to read along as well and share / discuss some of this info to help expose the globalist network trying to destroy humanity.


The Full List Of Bill Clinton Sexual Assault Allegations By 12 Different Women





Hillary Clinton also flew on the “Lolita Express” at least 6 times to be exact.

Hillary praising Margret Sanger a blatant racist.


Or, that time she lovingly remembered a blatant RACIST and KKK member named Robert Byrd!


How about the time Hillary shut down a Pentagon Sex Scandal Investigation during her tenure in the State Dept in 2013? Here is the original news report.

Or… Mrs. Clinton covering for a Child sex trafficker




Is Hillary the next “Henery Weinstein”? Oh, it is much much worse than Weinstein level stuff. Here is a little taste if you really want to start understanding some things. Do I need to bring in all the Spirit Cooking and Pizzagate Connections here that are 100% real if, one actually looks at the evidence that can readily be provided…



None of you Democrats said shit about this back then.

And none of you say anythin abou this broad topic right now.

Web of Evil: Pedogate, SNL and Chabad-Lubavitch



Clinton’s and The CIA tied to Cocaine Drug and Sex trafficking – Of course they are see below if you doubt this:



A Comprehensive index of Clinton In American Politics –




These are all part of a vast and total control of everything including most of the news consumed by Americans today.

World Financial control via the FED Reserve

The CIA in the Media 50 Facts the world should know…


Operation Mockingbird the CIA and Media Manipulation.


The CIA controls Mass Media


Declassified CIA documents show Agencies Control over MSM


Plolice State coming to your city soon!


Trance Nation – Psychological Warfare


A few mind control patents –


We could all enjoy a peaceful and prosperous lifestyle if we overthrew the global controllers and really focused on the true roots of the issues we all complain about. The “right vs. left” of by gone years of political apathy and blame games should be kicked to the curb permanently. The secrecy and suppressed technological developments of the Military Industrial Complex must be disclosed. We must stop the globalist / trans-humanist agenda now before it is too late. Your help, cooperation and dedication in these matters is requested.

Just take a look at what is being hidden from us and what the globalists have access to. Does this seem fair?

Suppressed Inventions and other Discoveries



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