Bizarre Threatening Stalker Email Received In Response to ToyFreaks and AwanGate

re: my brand new email account posted to Lisa Irwin's parents

Yesterday I decided to start switching over to a new email account on Proton mail because I heard it is harder to stalk people using metadata on Proton mail. I posted it on my Facebook to reach out to Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley about their daughter Lisa Irwin and Greg P. Chism of ToyFreaks in Granite City, IL.

First Day With This Email and Boom! Stalker

First Day With This Email and Boom! Stalker

Today, at this email address, which I activated a couple of years ago, but never gave out to a single person before yesterday (I even had to reset the password  just to use it for the first time), I received the following email.

At first, my computer started freezing up, and I couldn’t open the screenshot or do anything on the computer. Later after I took a break and got back into email on my phone, I started looking up the email address and so forth again.

When I looked up that email address, at first, I found a Twitter account with some followers who follow me. I was trying to switch between apps on my phone to view the email address so I am not sure if I typed it right. A few minutes later I could not find the same account on Twitter anymore, so I had to take screenshots of a different Twitter account it pulled up. That in itself was bothering me and I don’t know what I did wrong the first time, if I typed it wrong, or remembered it wrong, or what.

So anyway, instead I decided to just go to Google, and I looked up the exact email address listed. That is when I found an article about a man and his wife who were kidnapped and murdered from Arlington, Washington. I could not figure out why it was pulling that article up but it seemed too strange of a coincidence to dismiss.

I’ve certainly seen much weirder code speak than this before. (Dominos on cheese, or pasta anyone? I think I found a Map that seems pizza related).

I wonder if they intended for me to find this article, or not? Every intimidating message I get seems to be given cryptically and in such a way as to make it more of a veiled threat or one that is designed to gaslight me.

“google the email, do you get an article about a manhunt / husband & wife getting killed or nah?


As someone has reminded me after my post from earlier today, that Imran Awan was subscribed to Elsagate channels, I’m going to chalk this up to AwanGate and hope that I’m much much lower on their list.

Go and take my survey, Podesta is getting too many votes.


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  • RIchard Nesbit
    19 November 2017 at 4:03 pm

    You don’t have “proof” that Greg Chasm has this missing child. Until you have 100% proof this is nothing but a kookoo conspiracy theory and you’re harassing an innocent man. I hope that Greg Chasm sues your stupid ass for libel.

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    • amyjames
      6 December 2017 at 10:19 pm

      You do not have proof that you still have over 25% of your brain cells. Let’s see some 100% DNA proof with a non-compromised, double verified chain of custody on the DNA swab from Deborah Bradley.

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