Bound and Gagged Missing Kid Advertised on YouTube For Sale

Investigative Reporter Bryon Adams Breaks the Story
Kid For Sale on YouTube
Kid For Sale on YouTube

Update 10-15: 


Update 10-14:

Anne Faber was found dead.

More here:

and here:

Update 10-13:

This is what I have suspected all along. The Interpol, and international law enforcement agencies need to address this. I don’t even know whether to post this as I feel like it may cause whoever has this kid to kill him immediately. But what else are we supposed to do. Something must be done. Now. We are not going to tolerate this, are we?

YouTube, this is your fault. You have allowed this to be hosted on your platform and you have done nothing about it. You have been actively censoring truthers and there is no possible way you don’t know this is going on.

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Today, October 7, Byron Adams has updated the story posted on Voat with a fully explanatory Medium article including translations into English. Although this article may be confusing it pertains to the Anne Faber investigation and perhaps someone can get some police attention on this. Some of what he uncovered appears to trace back to the US.×09-ec7c58b163e5


Missing Dutch girl in news connected to Elsagate and sinister Twitter account (pizzagate)

submitted  ago by Ushil

Ok, I got mentioned in a tweet by a columnist today about my Elsagate article and it seems like very strange things are going on in which your help is appreciated.

The tweet:

Translation: Code-account which tried to lead police to Asylum Seekers Center yesterday and was suspicious #annefaber is known ‘ARG-creator’ (beneath)

Anne Faber is a girl of 25 years old which has been in the news in the Netherlands because she has been missing.

Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf about her missing:

The Twitter-account @9_3x09 which is now deleted tweeted this to the police:

She asked if someone could decode this code and the codes seem to be ROT13 and ROT8:

Kijk hier zoek hier Anne Faber = Look here, look for Anne Faber here

Hier is een tip = Here is a tip

One twitter user found that the photo is most likely a detention center:,5.299422/data=!4m2!2m1!4b1?sa=X&hl=nl-nl&nogmmr=1

His profile picture seemed to be a garbled image of the detention center:

This is where it gets strange. The longest code which was decoded led to a YouTube account.

Google: http://tinyurl com /y9b2ps4x

This blackdog seems to be the same person as the one who tweeted to the police.

The first video was decoded as:

This seems to refer to a Donna Posey:

This blackdog seems to be possibly a female person:

Her tweet about blackdog:

Sunny = Idiot

She also asked if someone knows if DIMSHWA or ZEIOSDW

These still have to be decoded:

On the 1st and 2nd of June this person posted the following codes:

The account of Blackdog was connected to a missing girl on the 2nd of June:

The account AHMAD SYED RASHEED seems to be related to this account,

This account was suddenly active again yesterday, while the Twitter which tweeted to the police was active too.

We suspect the person who tweeted the police might be the same as ZEAUX, because the patterns are similar:



Someone DM’d me and said that @808292bd is another account of this Blackdog:

Check out 808292 (@808292bd):

One of the videos of this Blackdog contains the following image:

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