False Flag Rumors Spread as Vegas Shooting Toll Grows

Deadliest Shooting in U.S. History, Update: Rumors of Sex Trafficking Ring Coverup and Murders of "Dumbo Girls"
Vegas Shooting

Update, 10-5:

Satanic Devil Horn Symbolism at the Concert #VegasShooting

Probably the biggest break in this story is here: https://steemit.com/pizzagate/@kingzos/is-there-a-pedogate-connection-to-the-2017-las-vegas-mass-shooting

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Also there are lots of comments on my thread, the crosspost of this article on Voat: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2170126/10692766

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Webb outed UAE ambassador connected to Imran Awan two weeks ago with documents belonging to UAE Otaibe…the documents are titled Dumbo Drops and is details on how they would go to Vegas and drug young girls before gang raping them in the Hotel. Victims started coming forward. Who owns the top floors of Mandalay Bay….UAE. Talking victims were lured and then killed in Vegas…shooter is government employee who was wearing pink NASA t-shirt at Anti-Trump Rally….crisis actors were hired weeks before through Craigslist. Shooting was cover-up for penning and killing witnesses.

Remember back at the start of this citizen investigation the UAE embassy mansion burned to the ground…Cover-up and destruction of DNA and evidence of child trafficking, Dumbo drops=drug raping young girls.

Millenial Falcon just deleted this thread on shootings occurring prior to gun legislation. Unbelievably! Please read


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Update, 10-4:

Someone with the name Stephen Paddock owned Paradise Ranch in Nevada. This is a place that offers horse therapy to the mentally ill. This includes children.




Update: Evelyn Pringle informed me that George Webb says his working theory is that this is potentially a cover up of a murders of a large group of “Dumbo girls” – girls who were underage sex slaves working for the sex trafficking ring. He said that they are normally drugged to sleep, and then raped on camera, and those videos are used for blackmail. His comment was that they won’t be waking up this time. According to George the working theory is that girls were taken out in a room inside of a Casino and that the shooting outside was the distraction. Based on some of the videos I have seen posted of people inside other hotels on lockdown not being allowed to go into the Casino, that sounds likely. 

6:47 pm 10-2 Update: Apparently ISIS (Hillary Clinton’s Deep State Operation) is claiming responsibility. I will update with more information as soon as I can get to it. Unfortunately many of these videos are on Facebook and Facebook has been freezing me out most of the day. 

Update, 8:54 pm: Even more bizarre stuff is surfacing regarding this incident. To those who are better at fleshing out truth than I am, I would offer the following:


Crowds on Demand Las Vegas

I do not know where this image came from or when it was captured. I cannot vouch for this image in any way, but I will share it here. It was shared with me, and I feel it is important. I do have my doubts about this incident, which I will further share. 

I have been watching the cell phone footage on YouTube (go do it, and save it to your computer if possible!) and I also stumbled on this, footage from inside an adjacent hotel of people being put on lockdown due to shooting in the Casino, not allowed to go into the Casino (lending credence to George’s theory above):



I was curious about some of the things I saw, and I want to reserve judgment at this time, but perhaps these people were just so drunk that they could barely react. I’ve been to Vegas only one time, but that was the general mood when I was there. 

Original Post:

This morning around 1:00 am, I noticed posts about an active shooter in Vegas. Then, this morning while driving, it seemed the death toll began at 50, and has continued climbing. While first, the number shot was estimated at 250, it is now over 500.

As rumors fly and people are clamoring to find out what happened; here is what we know.

The Facebook page for the alleged shooter has been taken down.

There is a rumor that a woman in the crowd was heard telling people, “You are all going to die.”

There are rumors that the alleged shooter recently converted to Islam.

Joe Napoli, who posts and interviews with Crowdsource the Truth’s investigation into Congress’s spy ring and the worldwide ratlines used to traffick people and drugs – was at the concert, and is safe.

Whether this was a staged attack by people who run MK Ultra or a coincidence is hard to say, but not that hard. Obviously, some operatives were put into play. Whether it was a lone shooter or many shooters is not yet known.

Go watch The Manchurian Candidate, and ask yourself who might want to stage a mass shooting using one or more of their mind controlled operatives. Sometimes, it is done to cover up murders of witnesses or investigators. Other times, to take away our civil liberties. Rumors are also swirling that the Deep State is hoping to get a state of emergency declared in at least five states in order to institute martial law.

It seems that Islam is being set up to take the fall for a shooting that was more likely to be motivated by the Deep State. Islam is always the tool that the Deep State uses as its main weapon to confuse the public, and although the religion is certainly full of jihadists, it is not necessarily believable to me that some elderly white man from Vegas who recently converted to Islam would instantly decide to cooperate with a Hispanic woman running through the crowd telling people that they will all die, in Vegas, where the booze is flowing and the hookers (or are they the sex slaves?) are breeding (hat tip, Chris Cornell…).

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