Pedos Suggest 100,000 Fundraiser for Mental Help of the People Reporting Them

Let's See if the Pedos will Help With That or Nah is Down And They're Mad

BOYCHAT.ORG IS DOWN after I reported them to multiple police and FBI and Secret Service personnel.

The trolls of Boychat want me to get some mental help for writing about John Podesta and Hillary Clinton and their sex trafficking ring. They suggested 100k, because it will “be a long time” before I am anywhere close to normal, according to the people who sexually fetishize kidnapping children from their families and raising them as their own inside of sex rings where they will eventually be murdered if they talk.
“Al Jones
Amy James is nothing but a tinfoiling mental case. She believes the bullshit of Alex Jones, Paul Watson and bunch of other schizophrenics. She obviously is a schizophrenic herself who needs to seek mental health counseling asap.

Perhaps someone should set up a GoFundMe page to help her pay for her therapy. I suggest a goal of $100,000, as it will be a long time before she gets anywhere close to normal.

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Trump Should Order the Unmasking of Boychat Users
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2017/07/29 at 5:01 pm”


Here you go pedos, for my therapy.

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