Boychat Pedophile Website Is Down

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SJW Fake Twitter Profile from Hell

Boychat Down Worldwide

Boychat Pedo Site is Down

At first I thought maybe it was just me so I never said anything. But it has come to my attention that it appears the pedophile networking website is down. Did this happen because of our activism? One may never know. But it does remind me of a little tweet storm I had going a couple of months ago with these boychat pedos. And why one of them is masquerading as a bisexual 20 something girl who is just into regular relationships with adults, I don’t know.

I’m not going to pretend that this solves every problem, but it does solve one problem and that is the proliferation of the accessibility of pedophile networking. I’m sure they’ve gone elsewhere to market, but if their website is not working, I consider that a minor victory.

The previous article where I posted some of the most disturbing messages of all that I could find on was followed by a stalker message on this website from an IP address that appears on several of my other articles, including those about Pizzagate, ToyFreaks, and more. It seems pedos are mad that I would dare expose Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton, or anyone from Boychat. It is most strange that a few days ago, after I posted the meme based on the t-shirt, “White Men are Terrorists” that got Travis banned temporarily from Facebook, @trackresponse responded to my Twitter post and then blocked me on Twitter.

@trackresponse is a pedo-related anti-Pizzagate Researcher Twitter account created in July 2016, the same time frame as the release of Podesta’s emails. Every tweet sounds like he or she is mimicking Hillary Clinton or John Podesta.

Doing a simple reverse image search on Google brings up weird results like someone named @TeflonDomme and also a link to U.S. Senator Brian Schatz who is a Carbon Emissions Nazi. Not exactly sure what the reverse image search is bringing up, but this appears to be the same girl in the photos: Note – Gina Lollobrigida is obviously not her real name. That is the name of a famous Italian actress. 

I do not believe for a second, however, that this profile is not fake. Another reverse image search brings you to Pinterest where her photo seems to be part of a porn group. For all I know, John Podesta is behind the screen using photos of David Brock’s future breeder.


If I can find it, I will update this article… I have a screenshot of @trackresponse from January or so, where it was an Ally Sheedy profile pic, and an image of Trump and Melania with the faces switched as the cover photo. Now it seems they want us to think it’s some dumb young college kid who loves sex. The slogan “Run the goalie, run the world”  reminds me a bit of Evie’s Crib from the Podesta emails.

Update: Others are already saying the same thing, so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel and dig up the screenshot at the moment, but here you go. I wonder if this girl ever intended to be catalogued by porn collectors online?

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