Ministry of Truth #TRIGGERED by Critics of “White Men are Terrorists” Slogan

Free Speech Ban is Real
"White Men Are Terrorists"’s Travis Smith was just banned from Facebook for sharing this photo, and this is not the first time that a similar fate has befallen one of my friends. The struggle is real, and dealing with being censored is aggravating to say  the least.

The Facebook group “Resistance Rising” is the latest Facebook group to be targeted for posting “anti-Islamic” and “anti-transgender” “hate speech.” Is it acceptable in today’s world for people to resist jihad and moral degradation?

This is the post from the group, Resistance Rising, which Travis Smith shared before being banned:

“White Men Are Terrorists”

Within the past couple of years, it seems that any time I’ve reported someone on Facebook their account remains intact, including several I reported for advocating pedophilia. However if you post something considered “anti-Semitic,” such as a photo criticizing oral suction circumcision, the bots ban you within seconds. Such is the case with this photo. Travis shared it, and within minutes his account was flagged and banned.

I’ve had friends banned for asking Zuckerberg why their anti-vaccine posts were being censored, for criticizing circumcision, and many other so-called controversial posts. Now it seems that simply railing against this t-shirt, “White men are terrorists,” is considered anti-establishment.

Animal Mutilation OK With Facebook??



Zuckerberg A Pharma Shill?

This reminds me a lot of the fond memories of days gone by when I was still in the cool crowd with my SJW friends, before I got blocked for posting articles from Breitbart news or had to defend myself to my parents for being a “conspiracy theorist” because I don’t believe in Russian conspiracy theories about the election but instead I read Wikileaks. Long gone are the days when Democrats did such things – now it’s considered uncool not to want a transgender man using the bathroom with your daughter.

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