Riot Preparations Ahead of Ben Shapiro Speech at Berkeley

Human Traffickers Run Amber Alerts, and This is Just a Distraction
UC Berkeley, Psyop Campus

Yesterday, Julian Assange tweeted out, “Clinton: #PizzaGate cost me the election,” and “Who will Hillary Clinton blame next?” And today trending on Facebook is the Washington Post propaganda we see on the regular against conservative viewpoints and the lengths to which Antifa will go for their slave drivers. This article is simply titled, “Berkeley prepares for Ben Shapiro speech with pepper spray, concrete barriers and lots of police.”







Let’s review for a minute, shall we?

  1. Liberals and would-be commies working for George Soros / Clinton / the Illuminati unknowingly support the evils of Pizzagate by rioting for pay.
  2. Pizzagate is not fake news, as now Julian Assange is using the hashtag to reinforce that everything we learned after he released Podesta’s emails is on target.
  3. What we have uncovered includes child trafficking, murder, child porn rings, the compromising, or perhaps the corrupt root of our nation’s Amber Alerts, CPS systems and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children – to name just a few (with ties to a butt-ton of individuals and companies who work with or near Hillary Clinton.)
  4. A year after Clinton collapsed at the 9/11 memorial from the kuru or whatever mystery illness she is afflicted with, people are mad that someone named Ben Shapiro has an opinion.
  5. There are numerous articles from researchers exposing various players in the Antifa movement who are actually being implicated in Pizzagate and have even been filmed covertly planning attacks on conservatives at Comet Ping Pong.
  6. Child sacrifice, organ harvesting, baby body parts harvesting, the coverup of sex slaves getting abortions at Planned Parenthood, the coverup of selling of those baby body parts, MK Ultra, mind control, sexual abuse (rape), Satanic Ritual Abuse, trafficking, abuse of kidnapped children from foreign countries, the plunder of other countries for money and to set up ratlines, and the blackmailing of Congress are all happening.

Child sacrifice is the worst imaginable evil. It has been imagined and repeated time after time since Babylon, on the top of the Babylonian Ziggurat. Evil flocks to more evil and hides in the dark.

The lyrics to almost every Hollywood pop song or rock song seem to reveal facts and agendas of the evil culture and we are all buying it, literally. “It’s understood that Hollywood sells Californication” (and children and child porn and snuff films).

Pizzagate is not fake news, and it’s past the point of calling it that. The past year has proven how long the country can follow fake stories, i.e. Russia, without ever coming to terms with it. It is still necessary for us to red pill everyone.

Pizzagate is the revelation of the modern day reality of just how profitable and expansive child sacrifice has become. Whether an unborn child, or a born child, the “elites” have a way to profit off of child sacrifice and black magic child rape…

I can’t believe Madonna made a snuff film decades ago and she still walks free any more than I can believe that anyone would vote for Hillary Clinton.

If the public is too afraid of the truth it will be our children who pay the price. Get off your backsides and do something.

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