The Mandela Effect Just Got Creepier

What is going on?
JFK in limo - Mandela Effect

Jeff M. Giles posted in Resistance Rising (go join, and I’ll approve you if you are cool):


Mandela Effect is the creepiest conspiracy to have ever existed. The claim is that at least: 25% of the people on this planet came from an alternate universe, most likely as a result of CERN. The claim is CERN changed the molecular weight of atoms and it destroyed that universe. Another claim is that universe was destroyed and all of human consciousness was uploaded into some sort of virtual reality. Major changes that I’ve noticed in this universe: 1. Mona Lisa was never smiling in her painting, she is now. The painting was notorious because of that fact. She was never smiling. 2. Hitler’s eyes were always brown, now they are blue. This fact was also notorious because Hitler was all about blue eyes and blonde hair meanwhile his eyes were brown. I remember this being discussed in history class 3. There were only 4 people in the car with JFK (not 6 and it was never a limo). As a conspiracy theorist that’s not something I’d forget. I’ve seen the footage hundreds of times back when it was only 4 people and now it’s 6 people. 4. New Zealand was to the west of Australia and was about half the size of Australia. Now it’s to the east and is much smaller. 5. Sicily was 100-200 miles away from Italy now it’s basically attached. There are many more examples but those are the main ones.

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