Children Are the True Forgotten Victims of Big Pharma

In Memory of Effexor Baby Indiana Delahunty 9-13-2008
Effexor Baby Indiana Delahunty

Some victims die at the hands of pHARMa, and their stories are never told. Some victims survive, or their surviving families are forced to be quiet about what went on, through the miracle of the modern legal system, where hushing is the name of the game, and talking can get you in trouble. Such is not the case with Indiana Delahunty. Her story will forever be told.

It is with reverence, sadness and respect I post the following essay on an issue close to my heart – the life, and death of the daughter of my friends. Indiana Delahunty was killed by the antidepressant Effexor. Her mother was given the drug by a careless doctor who swore it wouldn’t get to the baby. As we have all learned from her story, that was the farthest thing from the truth. Here is a video, and an article I wrote about baby Indi explaining what happened. (Continue reading:

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