ToyFreaks Investigation Screenshot Dump

Spiderman Unmasked = DNC on Wikileaks, Code Word Annabelle = Girl Sex Slave, Code Word Shark = Child Predator
Weird DNC logo on WIkileaks unmasking the Spiderman with DNC beneath

There is definitely something weird with the Marvel Characters and Elsagate. If you go to Wikileaks and search for Toy Freaks without quotation marks, you get a random selection of leaked emails with the Spiderman mask icon on the right side, and the mask being pulled off reveals the DNC logo.

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I cannot do this justice at the moment due to the vast amount of schedule conflicts going on in my life right now. But because I haven’t had tons of time, and because ToyFreaks “dad” Greg Chism just started posting again 2 days ago, I’m going to just dump a large amount of the screenshots I’ve gathered along with my conclusions. I’ll go through these all in a more organized fashion in the near future.


Amongst the pedos following ToyFreaks on YouTube and Twitter are numerous Satanists. Many were upset that he had not posted in a month – starting with comments begging for more videos after only a few days or two weeks. Some are now unsubscribing because the “live feed” from July 26 or so was faked, and because the newest video wasn’t a “freaky” enough looking video I guess?

“Annabelle” is seeming to be a code word for a pedophile’s dream sex slave – as evidenced by the screenshots below. Namely, the instagram of a girl whose description is simply “Annabelle” and the earlier video screenshot where Annabelle is in quotations after the code word clover for Child Lover.

Shark is a code word for a child predator.

The younger of the two ToyFreaks girls is in serious danger. As shown in the comment “No one mss (misses) Annabelle.”

Someone has alluded to their faux murder in one of the videos.

Pedos get mad when ToyFreaks dad does not post for two weeks and he is now saying he was in the hospital (for a month?).

The Twitter profile posted in October 2011 the same time that Lisa Irwin was kidnapped and the new one created in July 2017 have some creepy stuff going on. The new one only has one follower, who has since been blocked from being viewed by me. She posts about being a webcam porn star. I found numerous satanic and sex related followers amongst the people he follows or who follow him on instagram and Twitter. I also found a profile commenting on his instagram using the code word Annabelle and the profile avatar of the younger girl from the Family Fun Pack channel on YouTube, but that person is going by the name “emily.alm” and her description only says “Annabelle” and it’s a different girl in the pictures. I also found a hispanic baby being marketed with the weird child porn suspected codes on instagram and it is a ToyFreaks fan. was a girl lover website that got taken down several years ago. If the FBI does nothing, it’s up to us to expose this.



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