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The following is a copy of a post I just put up on Voat and I’m just reposting it here due to the obviousness of the impending shill slide.

Stalking Saga related to Boychat Pedos, or something else?? Koch Bros. Potentially somehow related? (pizzagate)

submitted  ago by AmyJames

So I have been meaning to write another article but I have been moving and haven’t had any time. Honeybee did a great video outlining the worst of the Elsagate channels but there wasn’t much in there about ToyFreaks which is a channel I have done a ton of research on because of how disturbing it is. The sheer volume of targeted harassment coming my way in general over the past several months has been super disturbing but it makes me want to investigate ToyFreaks and some of the other bad actors even more.

Here is a comment I just posted on her link to her new video on Voat:

After the Elsagate story broke on this site, I decided to look into ToyFreaks some more and it turned into its own saga. What I haven’t had time to do is make a youtube video similar to this one that Honeybee did, but I have tons and tons of screenshots I have saved up to do so if I can get the time. I have a house full of kids and my internet has been spotty so I haven’t been able to find the time but here is an article I wrote about it,

I spoke to the Granite City Police, sent letters all over to the President and Congress, etc. It appears as though the girls are unrelated and the younger one is Lisa Irwin, but that’s just my opinion based on staring at the two faces.

Speaking of California

Note: if anyone can track down the IP address for this person who commented on my blogs, that’d be great. It’s saying Bedford TX which is relatively close to where I live and I don’t know if it’s actually Digital Lightwave where this guy works, or just a spoofed IP address.

The IP address appearing on about 5 of my articles on two different websites is

So why am I making this a separate post? I’ve been trying to track down who the stalker is and I haven’t had much luck getting help from the police or the FBI. My local PD is actually pretty nice and helpful but I haven’t had time to go down there, and the last time I tried something like this they said something that I didn’t find very trustworthy at all so I have avoided it. Now that I have moved I am thinking maybe the other agency would not have the same policy and they may be able to get a warrant to unmask that IP address that was commenting not only on my ToyFreaks article and BoyChat article on, but also on my general Pizzagate article back in June on another site with Evelyn Pringle.

The local PD in my former town wanted to seize my laptop just to file a harassment report against my ex two years ago. They said they had to search it overnight for 24 hours to ensure I wasn’t lying about any emails. That sounded ultra weird so I dropped the case.

Come to find out after the extreme amount of stalking I’ve been undergoing, my ex works for a company that is at least partially funded by a 2 billion dollar investment by the Koch Bros. I don’t know what they are up to exactly but I have seen their name a million billion times mentioned on this forum but I have been told they are like a more refined version of George Soros.

So a couple of days ago in an unrelated incident I mocked his affiliation with the Koch Bros. on Twitter at around 2 or 3 am. By 8 am he had seen it and was taking screenshots and telling me not to interfere with his employer, something that he has done to me on numerous occasions. He even knew somehow that I lost my job months ago (I feel it was in retaliation but I have no proof) even though I kept that a secret until recently.

I guess my question is whether the Koch Bros are heavy pizzagate bad actors because I have only casually seen their names mentioned but I have never studied them. If they are, can someone explain or send me some links to get started on research? So far I am coming up with just general stuff on them about open societies etc. Which sounds bad enough as it is, but I would love to do a real investigation into them now. Amy James is such a fucking liar it’s absurd. She needs mental health assistance. Dead Men Do Tell Tales – Part One of “What Breitbart Knew” by Amy James and Evelyn Pringle 2017/06/29 at 3:45 am

Al Jones You should be sued for libel concerning lying about Hillary Clinton. You are one sick fucking bitch. You obviously aren’t a Christian. If you are, you shit on Jesus Christ.

2017/08/01 at 9:03 pm

Al Jones What a bunch of bullshit. You really are one sick person. Get mental health counseling asap. And anyone who believes shit from Infowars, Breitbart or other fake news sites is almost incurable. It’s All Pizzagate

2017/08/01 at 9:00 pm

Al Jones Amy James is nothing but a tinfoiling mental case. She believes the bullshit of Alex Jones, Paul Watson and bunch of other schizophrenics. She obviously is a schizophrenic herself who needs to seek mental health counseling asap. Perhaps someone should set up a GoFundMe page to help her pay for her therapy. I suggest a goal of $100,000, as it will be a long time before she gets anywhere close to normal.

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