When Blaming Russia Stops Working, Violence Will Work

Poser threatens anyone who disrespects elites with talk of beheadings
Pizza / Gun Ad

Well you guys, prepare to get wet worked? Or maybe the FBI could arrest these freaks instead…

https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2038598 Thread on 4chan: Alefantis or poser loosely discusses concept of beheading anyone who disrespects elites #pizzagate

Someone sent me this and asked me to post it, Innocent Pizza Chef visiting /pol/ earlier (July 1 I believe) I was not there and I don’t use reddit OR 4 / 8 / eleventy-chan and I don’t really know how exactly pol even runs but it appears as though he refers to his customers as his clients. Odd for a person with a pizza shop to call the random customers entering off and on throughout the day / week / month his clients, wouldn’t you say?


edit: yeah there’s no way for me to prove this is really the Innocent Pizza Chef, maybe the FBM can do it?

edit: someone commented below that they also got a screenshot from another portion of the original 4chan thread:



thanks hat tip to you @pizzaBAD

tag me if you have any more

OK guys, if you haven’t looked at the second screencap yet, please take a look. Whoever posted that is trying full on intimidation via threatening to cut off people’s heads, or at least implying it could be done if we are investigating them and so much as disrespect them.

Dear Innocent Pizza Chef sir, I mean no disrespect. Just please, oh pretty please tell your mommy I said she is quite the looker since she lost all that weight, and her decorating is fantastic. I heard your pizza is bland. (the food kind)

Oh and Heavy Breathing is a bad band that pretty much is bad at music and only exists because of how daring you guys are at being Satanic. Also, Chapel Perilous sucks, and you are even less attractive than your retarded looking ex boyfriend David Brock.


Archive with all the comments: http://archive.is/RPJVX

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  • B
    28 September 2017 at 9:07 pm

    You have no clue wha’ts going on but you’ll gladly and proudly spread any roumors that come your way?

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