True Conspiracy: Guidestones to an “Age of Reason”

What the Global Elite Are After and why Pizzagate is Not Fake News


For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

“All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

It took a few months of Pizzagate investigations for the world to move past the first stage…

There are so many people who don’t even know what Pizzagate entails, but they instantaneously write it off as “fake news.” John Podesta calls it fake news, David Brock calls it fake news, Hillary Clinton calls it fake news, Planned Parenthood calls it fake news, and all the while, the mind controlled zombie people who are beholden to the Democrat masters of the Deep State will call it fake news, like little parrots. Seriously investigate something before you believe the accused is innocent. There is more than enough evidence to prove this scandal, if you can get past the first paragraph and do a little reading, watching, or even a little listening.

Treason: Chris Stevens killed for what he was beginning to uncover in Libya

Treason: Chris Stevens killed for what he was beginning to uncover about Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s Activities in Libya

Pizzagate is anything but simply a scandal about a pizza shop (think worldwide trafficking of drugs, arms, and people). The nickname Pizzagate originally came from the secret code word pedophiles use to refer to child porn. Like it or not (most pedos say they like it not) this has become evident to be true. Pizza = girl. Cheese = little girl. Pasta = little boy. Hot dog = boy. Etc. You probably heard… And as sick as this all is, it ties into Elsagate and is proven by the code words appearing in many of the YouTube videos featuring pedophilic grooming activities and pedo networking.

The criminal networks who are up to no good will trade a child they’ve kidnapped as a commodity – for sex, for participation in MK Ultra experiments, or for any purpose really, because they view our lives as merely bodies, as nothing more than meat to slaughter and use for their own amusement. I looked up some of the Satanic holidays online – and I looked up James Alefantis’s belief in Ostara (found this directly on one of his restaurant websites), when I came across a Satanic message board explaining who Ostara is (Hint: think Astarte / Semiramis / Isis). This website described non-Satan worshippers as “mundanes” and said that we are just useless eaters to be used or disposed of at their will. The beliefs of people like this are truly sickening, and extremely scary. Satan hates what God gave mankind, and he will do anything to deceive. This includes conducting evil campaigns and having people do his bidding – while leading you to believe that it’s not even happening. What a narcissistic gaslighter the Devil really is.

Speak Goodspeak

Speak Goodspeak & Call Everything That John Podesta Says is Debunked “Fake News”

There’s another Wikileaks email where Hillary pays homage to the “Mother Moon” (another reference to Semiramis / Isis). It’s not too surprising that she was so sick to the point of collapsing at the death site of the 9/11 memorial at the World Trade Center. I’m sure that the ghosts of 3000 people must have descended on her kuru-filled body and attacked her until she simply lost consciousness (kidding… ok, maybe not really). The big reveal of her being totally fine an hour later while outside without any Secret Service protection was laughable at best (actor say what?). This “Sick Hillary” story line was the entire reason David Seaman got fired from the Huffington Post. Just who are we dealing with anyway? Who’s sick enough to hang out on the Lolita Express with some sex slaves and then party on Orgy Island, and then stand up on stage and cite scripture about reaping what we sow? It’s a wonder she’s not been hit by lightning.

As revenge for truth-telling and outing the crimes of the Clinton Foundation and other wealthy members of the big bankers, corrupted pedophiles holding high positions of power have preferred not to investigate crimes against humanity. It’s been speculated that Hillary Clinton had Christopher Stevens murdered by her rebel terrorist employees in Benghazi to cover up her numerous war crimes and stop him from leaking information on her rat lines and backroom weapons deals.

Several years after Benghazi, the conspirators are still free, and they have walked around with impunity propping up a would-be dictator through fake campaigns that depended on voting machines owned by Soros, fraction magic, fake absentee ballots, and illegal immigrants heading to the polls. A recent poll regarding “Russian hacking” asks if people like Vladmir Putin and think he is a good leader. It’s been running since February, and so far the results are as follows: 5% think he is a threat to democracy. 95% like him and think he is a good leader.

Here’s an interesting clip from Heavy Breathing, a frequent band headlining Comet Ping Pong, the pizza parlor owned by Innocent Pizza Chef James Alefantis.

This video reminds me a lot of the voice modulation used by the Awan brothers who helped Debbie Wasserman Schultz phone Jared Beck’s office and harass him for filing the DNC lawsuit. – It’s what they do, apparently (wear masks, disguise their voices, and generally look scary). If you skip to 3:40 you can hear some hilarious Russia jokes being made long before Pizzagate was a thing that people knew about. (Sasha Lord is a Russian? 3:40 – her father invented Russian Dressing? That’s a gross sexual reference you can look up if you care.) If you listen to the whole thing you can listen to Majestic Ape discuss her hiring of a Russian surrogate to give birth to a baby for her, and then killing it. Of course this is just a joke, right?

In this video we see a man jumping rope throughout the beginning of the Heavy Breathing performance intro. If you don’t spend time thinking about what they would do all these weird things for, you might just think they are edgy and artsy in some kind of ironic hipster way. But you would be wrong.

Jumping rope can also be found on Urban Dictionary in a variety of anal references (Perhaps Teen Vogue will address this issue next month?). Which reminds me – if you’ve been reading my articles, you can see that this pedo tshirt my kid used to wear has a plate of pasta with a meatball jumping rope.

Target Boys Tee Circa 2011

I did not know any of these references before Pizzagate. Most normal people do not know them. But the majority of the sickos posting on seem to think it’s worth mentioning, so there you go. (Go look up how long these references have been around)

We’ve officially passed the first phase of Pizzagate truth – ridicule. It’s July 2017, over a year since the murder of Seth Rich, and  we have definitely entered stage two – violent opposition. You may have thought that’s what the post-election vagina / antifa marches were about, but you have seen nothing yet. Elizabeth Beck is seen in this Infowars interview breaking down into tears, saying, “Sometimes evil is so great there is nothing you can do to fight it.” When Someone or something threatens the establishment, there can be serious repercussions. Ask any one of the following people (if they were alive): Phillip Schnider, William Cooper, Seth Rich, Vincent Foster or Andrew Breitbart – among many others, and they will tell you that sometimes you pay with your life for stepping on the toes of the globalists.

Oswald killed Kennedy, right? (I mean, along with the help of George H.W. Bush and Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz?) JFK Jr., who allegedly named his magazine “George” after his father’s killer, was later killed in an unfortunate plane crash. Monica Petersen was killed in an unfortunate suicide. Seth Rich was allegedly killed in unfortunate robbery that wasn’t really a robbery. Every MK Ultra child abuse victim ever to become a celebrity has been killed in unfortunate suicides “caused by mind control drugs” invented by the CIA. (Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell)

This should not discourage anyone from seeking or speaking on truth. What one must seriously come to terms with is that it is not necessarily the evil in the world as much as the fact that few say anything to provide any meaningful resistance to the evil in the world. They may hold all the cash, but as for now there are more of us than there are of them. And this leads to the point of why they may want to step up their depopulation plans (hint: it’s not because of climate change).

Oh wait a second, for the uninitiated, the depopulation agenda includes, but is not completely limited to the following: 1) make the birth rate go down through any means possible; 2) abortion & birth control; 3) lower the fertility of the people; 4) kill as many babies who make it as possible through vaccines or chemical / drug induced birth defects; 5) make people who still somehow made it likelier to die an unnatural death through the food supply, pharmaceuticals and vaccines, and pollution through chemtrails and pesticides; 6) destroy and control / limit the food supply with pesticides and GMOs. Step one to doing any of this? Propaganda. Step two? Fluoride. Step three? Mind manipulation.

So let’s talk in depth about the grand conspiracy. A conspiracy so large, complex and interwoven into our everyday lives that many people will call you crazy if you attempt to point this out. This is no joke and your lives possibly depend on understanding these concepts, so please follow along and keep reading. Let us dive right into to historical context and what some of the globalists have actually said in regard to certain topics such as banking, information and the New World Order that these guys apparently love to reference.

Information overload? The whole concept of secret societies and Freemasonry could fill a few volumes of books.

One can stop and unplug from the din of modern life and the “mainstream” held concepts and news sources. The media is complicit in helping suppress and hide the truth via various subtle, and not-so-subtle tactics. Go Google on your own Operation MockingBird. This has to do with the known infiltration of the CIA and their propaganda agents and shills to help direct, filter and control the narrative. Hopefully after one reads up on this relatively obscure documented fact they then somehow stuble upon The Monarch Project, Project Artichoke, Project Blue Bird, MK Ultra etc.

Ultimately the choice is up to each and every one of us what we will do with the information at hand if, you are even in a position to read up on these broad concepts we discuss. Many of the less fourtunate souls on this planet do not have the luxury to fill their spare time with mindless distractions and trivial material. Many of the meek of the world do not have the opportunity to have their own voice heard about their own working, living or social situations. I hope we all realize and understand the importance in “what we are putting our time and energy into”. How we process and act on this information is our own personal choice but, if and when judgement day comes, I will be willing to bet what small amount of disposable income I have that “I did not know” wil not be a valid excuse for the silence that some people seem to prefer to keep on these disturbing concepts and topics. Break the herd mentality or we all end up at the slaughter house and will meet the same fate, because there are powers that be on this planet that view everyone of us as “dumb cattle.”

Authored By: Amy James and Travis Smith

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