It’s All Pizzagate

And now that you know, here's how to unplug your children from the matrix and keep them safe
It's All Pizzagate

Clover = Child Lover

Above, the code word clover appears on this older ToyFreaks channel video. What in the world is on all of these YouTube Channels? I’m so grossed out I can hardly stand it. I feel super uncomfortable posting these, but I want this guy behind bars. (Background on ToyFreaks & the fact that it could possibly be used for selling child porn or sex: read here, and see our Lisa Irwin BOLO post here.)

Greg Chism films “Annabelle” (Lisa Irwin?) giving a faux blowjob to candy





another blowjob reference


Pizza Snake and Oral Grooming

Puppy and Kitty code words

Child Porn secret code / link?

Another blowjob reference


I don’t pretend to know the extent of the child rape code, but I think this channel uses it in every video. They’ve turned children’s entertainment into their own sick jokes and it’s sucking children in to desensitize them, while rapists post emoji ejaculations in the comments.

Obviously, I now have to break the habit my kids have developed of watching channels that are creepy when they know no better, and the garbage has become automated. This includes any channel with the weird color based mind control, any channel related to Elsa, Joker, Batman, Frozen, any channel with videos called Bad Baby, and any channel with eating contests. If you put phallic objects in the bathtub with your kid, banned from our house. If you feed your kids gross food and film them vomiting it while you introduce the video, “Two girls, uh…” then you need to go to jail and your YouTube channel needs to be deleted.

I tried for merely one day to get my kids off of YouTube and I felt like the worst mom ever because they just really love YouTube. So I guess that is fine – we’re going to have to wean them off. I came up with a plan.

Step one:

Put some tape over your computer’s camera. Stop letting your kids be naked in front of the phone or smart TV. And for the love of God do not post their photos and locations on the internet. If some stranger photographs you in public with your kids, call the cops. If the cops do nothing, report it to the FBI. Check your sex offender registry for your area and try to keep your kids safe.

Step two:

Figure out what’s on YouTube. I had no idea until recently. After noticing I have had to make an effort to monitor what they watch. The YouTube Kids app does not block these videos. I already tried that route.

I explained to my kids that they can’t watch anything by ToyFreaks, or anything with the words Bad Baby, and I explained to them why. I explained to my kids that they can’t watch “MLG Peppa Pig,” and why (hint: child rape soundtrack edited into the normal Peppa Pig episodes, and reposted as “MLG” Peppa Pig, with the word F*ck as just about every other word). I explained that they can’t watch the weird videos with the slime baths turning things into different things and ping pong balls bouncing all over the place because I think these could be some sort of weird color coding hypnotism. (If that sounds crazy, just go read our previous articles on Pizzagate and Elsagate from my last post.) Here’s a story from one year ago today on my Facebook memories feed regarding a US Patent that proves the screen can manipulate your nervous system:

Step three:

I stopped being the overbearing perfect mom about 10 years ago. But I admit that these negative influences creeping into my home from the TV and smart phones have taken a toll on my children. My amazing teenage son showed me the “What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver” channel on YouTube, so instead of this other garbage, I have gotten my kids hooked on that. Veggie Tales and this channel are related, and it is just as entertaining as any other kid’s channel, without the Satanism. I’d much rather my kids learn about this than that they watch vomit porn and desensitize themselves to everything child rape related.

Let’s get this channel some more subscribers

Step four:

Semiramis is Isis, Nimrod is Osiris (Sun God and Moon Goddess)

Semiramis is Isis, Nimrod is Osiris (Sun God and Moon Goddess)

This video series, Know Your Enemy, by The Fuel Project, is both educational and interesting as anything. It takes you from Genesis to Revelation and explains the complete origin and symbolism of the Illuminati. The name “ISIS” for a terrorist organization founded by Hillary Clinton was certainly an interesting choice. I suggest you learn about all of the creepiness going on in mass media so you can absolutely unplug your family from anything that pays homage to Satan.

It may feel weird purging your home from half of your belongings, but who wants to worship idols? Not me. Learning about the symbolism that the Illuminati uses will help you recognize their secret branding so you can be more cautious about these YouTube channels, because I guarantee you that some of it pops up in children’s shows, almost like an all seeing eye wink to mock us all. I for one do not want to support the freaks doing the evil things in their houses with any of my money coming from views and I don’t want them influencing my kids.

Step five:

Stop dressing your kids up in their branding, be it owls, pedo staches, or what have you. I want to puke, honestly (I just will not film it like Greg Chism) when I think about the pizza backpack I almost bought my son from Target, or the meatball jumping rope on a plate of pasta t-shirt I bought him at Target, and when I think of all the owl items I got from the baby section at Target.

Target Boys Tee Circa 2011

I hate Lilith, Baphomet, Satan, Ba’al, Moloch, and all the idols masking themselves as other gods, and I can’t believe I actually put those things on my child…

Ancient Egyptian for Owl = Moloch

The slippery slope of our society allowing the brainwashing and manipulation to take hold has reached the level of encouraging babies and toddlers to become the mind controlled slaves of the Rothschild rulers. I went down this rabbit hole willingly, but it really has not ended at all. You’d think at some point, your rabbit hole journey could end and you could return to normal life.


While I’m anxious to see these freaks go down, the longer that they continue to be free, the more is discovered about how horrible they truly are and just how many corrupt people have joined in.

Step six:

Just Say No to the Mustache on Little Kids & Teenagers Too. I’m extremely anti-pedo, and since this symbol makes me think of pedophiles, it’s now banned from our lives. That’s right, the mustache boycott. Do it.

The Bizarre Pedo Stache Fashion Trend

While we were watching YouTube on our Samsung spy device, a strange mommy finger daddy finger video popped up with a happy face wearing a glasses and mustache disguise. I seriously find it gross how many little girl & boy T-shirts bear the pedo stache, like it’s cool? I’m not going to pretend to understand why the pedo stache is like the uniform of child rapists, but for whatever reason, it is.

Hipster or Pedo?

Note, just because he’s a pedo does not mean he has not shaved the stache, like this creep:

Stache-less Rapist

So, in conclusion, I urge all pedos to continue with the Chester the Molester badge on your faces so we can stay away from you. Meanwhile, although quite obviously most parents don’t intend to attract or desensitize the world to pedophilia, I’m taking my hatred to the extreme and I’m going to ditch this “mustache pattern fabric / graphic tee fashion statement” too. I mean pedos can keep it all they want, but to me there’s nothing cool about the adoration of facial hair on a little kid’s tshirt.

Do what you want, but I would love to see this fashion statement go bye bye. Anyone else?

A long time ago, I wrote of my despair every time I see the pedo mustache on a man. And within 5 minutes, a pedo formerly on my Facebook list asked if I meant this comment towards him. (That should have been a clue.)

I present to you the sex offender registry mustache gallery:

Oh crap. The first several people I looked up have shaved it off. Well anyway… Personally I think that the mustache should be a lifetime requirement… oh, wait! What sex offender registry? Why are you making a registry, why are these freaks even ever released from prison???

Upon looking into my zip code’s registry on the DPS website it seems like some people in my town may be missing. I tried using the map feature and it only shows one person, while the text list has at least a dozen people. Glitch, or cover up??

Honestly though, this should not even be an issue, since there’s no reason to release a child rapist from prison, ever.


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  • Al Jones
    1 August 2017 at 9:00 pm

    What a bunch of bullshit. You really are one sick person. Get mental health counseling asap.

    And anyone who believes shit from Infowars, Breitbart or other fake news sites is almost incurable.

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