Pizzagate, Elsagate, and YouTube: Cracking The Secret Social Media Codes of Child Pornographers

#SavetheToyFreaks #RescueAnnabelleandVictoria #LisaIrwin
Child Porn? We Fear It May Be

Due to the importance of this story I am releasing it immediately without revision. Links and screenshots / photos will be updated as soon as possible.

Warning, this story is classified as NOT SAFE FOR WORK, NOT SAFE FOR LIFE. Reader and viewer discretion is recommended. Do not read this over lunch.

You Can’t Handle the Truth

The fact that Hillary Clinton can get away with murdering Christopher Stephens and deleting all of the evidence, the fact that we have armed ISIS, and the fact that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children works with a known kidnapper, while blocking Pizzagate researchers on Twitter has given me a massive distrust for law enforcement.

Ever since the story of Pizzagate broke, Hillary Clinton has tried to avoid it and she has mostly worked behind the scenes with David Brock to try and destroy it. John Podesta has taken a starring role due to his role in her campaign and aspiring administration, his role as a counselor to Obama, and his past role in the Clinton White House. And ever since the fake news frenzy began, the list of excuses for why Hillary lost has plagued our media, and for some of us, it has even ruined friendships or relationships.

The elephant in the room is “Pizzagate” and from what I can tell, that elephant is draining the zoo swamp in Washington while Trump gives a green light to local law enforcement to arrest human traffickers. We may even see the improvements for children coming from his wall and travel ban. Do your jobs, Border Patrol, ICE, Immigration, Customs, and NCMEC. Stop blocking Pizzagate researchers on Twitter, AlertSense. Fire anyone who is compromised and put them in prison, now (Laura Silsby).

Let us not forget to give credit where it is due: these starring roles certainly took the spotlight off of the gruesome scandal taking place beneath our noses – the filth and mind control programming happening on YouTube. Elsagate is a scandal only now gaining steam with investigators, and it was during my investigation of Elsagate that I came to a disturbing conclusion.

Foreign journalist Byron Adams, and Travis Smith or Read, Wiped and Blew, along with many other researchers on Voat broke the Elsagate story, but to me this wasn’t exactly new. I’d already started looking closer at what my toddlers watch, and a certain channel has immediately raised huge red flags for me. Only after finding the time to sit down and look at more was I able to truly document all of the evidence, and it is much worse than I could have imagined.

The ToyFreaks channel quite literally, to the best of my knowledge and belief, is soft core teaser advertising for child pornography, or worse. Several weeks ago, I posted an alert on Twitter regarding the ToyFreaks channel, after seeing my son watching a little girl with pasta on her head and sticking out of her mouth, in a video titled something about pee.

The underlying motive is made clear by not only the actions taking place in the videos, such as the “Bad Baby Annabelle Pees on Victoria Messy” video featuring urine fetishism, the baby food eating challenge video in which Victoria turns “Annabelle” into a baby, and she then is shown shaking her butt at the camera, vomiting up baby food, and spitting up something that is white and mucousy on her sister’s shoulder, or the Gummy Egg eating challenge where Annabelle performs what could be mock oral on a piece of candy.

Annabelle is 6

“Annabelle is 6”

The motives are made clear as well, by the code words being used in the titles (all available to be deciphered – for those with the stronger stomachs among you – on Urban Dictionary) the weird cypher codes appearing in these comments, and the bizarre, flirtatious comments on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other social media, comments that are just outright creepy if not actually pornographic. I even found a comment translated from a foreign language that asked if one of the girls could “swallow mucousy.”



toy freak

“Make Me Cummie” ????



At first glance these videos may appear to be weird to you, but when you watch them, you might doubt your intuition because the girls appear happy so much of the time, and many toys and a lot of candy is involved.

However, there are numerous videos involving things like force feeding Annabelle, things she doesn’t want to eat, what looks like it could even be semen being spit up, Annabelle appearing to be upset to the point of almost crying about eating some weird pasta (who knows what was on that) before throwing it up, etc. If you try to look at every single video, you will find enough in the comments section alone to understand what I’m saying here. Not only was I creeped out by all the men saying they wanted to come over, they wanted their phone number, to please write them back or answer the phone, etc. I even noticed that another Voat researcher discovered the comment “makes me cummie” on a photo of Annabelle on Instagram.

I first made a long post about ToyFreaks on Voat a couple of weeks ago. Someone commented to send this to the FBI because these girls are in serious danger, so I did that. Within 5 minutes of saying, “OK, done,” I received a phone call from a number that seems to trace back to someone named Samuel Garcia living in Dallas, Texas.  Now I’m not one to be super paranoid about stuff like this, but when I get a strange call from a weird number at 12:45 at night, and I reject that call, and the person again calls me back within mere seconds, what do I do? I block that caller’s number…

Roofer Sam (far right)

Roofer Sam (far right)


Since posting this lead on Voat, I’ve also been doxxed by a pedophile named Kamil Beylant, who stated that he would magically vanish and reappear in some palindromic place in Texas. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I found ToyFreaks, or one of my numerous other articles that upset these freaks, including Beylant. It could also have been the time that I went to BoyChat after following a lead on Voat, and noticed that these pedophiles were openly discussing how hot Barron Trump is, which I quickly sent to the FBI – which pissed them off.

Reports of Pedo Lust for Barron Trump Thread

Reports of Pedo Lust for Barron Trump Thread


Kamil Beylant

Kamil Beylant

What gets me a little bit suspicious that perhaps the number of the Metro PCS phone that links up to Samuel Garcia’s Facebook is not just a coincidence, is the fact that it was within an hour of this doxxing, when I got a blank text from “Samuel Garcia.” This text arrived the very moment that I walked out of my front door to leave. It could be Samuel or someone else monitoring my activity on my phone and may actually have nothing to do with Kamil, which is what I assume the case to be…

Back to you Kamil – if you are innocent like you say when you write Pizzagate “debunking” articles with multiple pedophiles, and unnamed contributors: Just because I said something about your being a pedophile – when you actually admit to being one does not make me a witness to anything illegal, as you have so aptly pointed out Kamil, so there’s no reason to stalk or doxx me. You put that out there for the world to see, and nobody feels sorry for you because you want to rape kids and you find it difficult to stop yourself.

If Samuel Garcia is the correct name of the new stalker I have, and I think it may be at least one of them, then he needs to be immediately investigated, and deported, because based on his Facebook alone, there’s not a chance in Hell that he’s a naturalized citizen.

La Calle

La Calle

You must understand by now, that if you put your sick perverted crap on the Internet, people like me will eventually find it and you will be reported.

My initial investigation of the ToyFreaks channel was disturbing enough, but I connected the truly most convincing piece of evidence yet to ToyFreaks while reading Byron’s piece. In it, a screenshot is shown of a cartoon box that looks like an ad to take someone to child pornography, or at least that is what the researchers all believe it may be. The title of the video that researchers found was “Bad Baby Victoria.” When I saw that, I immediately called Travis Smith because we had been discussing these two investigations previously. The cartoon depicts two girls with similar appearances to the “Victoria and Annabelle” of the ToyFreaks channel in real life.

We Fear It May Be

Child Porn? We Fear It May Be


This weekend, both Travis and I sent a letter to President Trump, and several members of Congress demanding that YouTube, Elsagate, and ToyFreaks be investigated (and while ToyFreaks is probably not the only channel doing this, it does creep the heck out of me that so many of the Elsagate related videos were called “Bad Baby Victoria.” I’ve also alerted the various authorities, the FBI, US Marshalls, and Kansas City Crime Stoppers.)

If nothing is done about these girls and they are to remain in the care of the alleged or purported “father” who turns them into pornographic slaves, I would plead with the President to demand an investigation into YouTube, and all of the channels that appear to be marketing child porn in public. When I tried to block ToyFreaks from my children’s tablet, the only thing that happened on restricted mode was that the creepy, pedophilic comments section disappeared. Despite reporting this channel to YouTube, new videos are uploaded every day and nothing is done.

Late last night while reporting my stalker to ICE and other law enforcement I decided to compare the photo of Lisa Irwin, a 6-year-old girl stolen from her crib in 2011, to the “Annabelle” of ToyFreaks. You be the judge, but as far as I can tell, the similarities are actually striking.




Lisa Irwin

Lisa Irwin

I’m posting this immediately because I think I’ve given law enforcement ample time to rescue these girls. If nothing is done, can Lisa Irwin’s parents sue Greg Chism for a DNA test on Annabelle and get her back if she is indeed their missing child? Where are these girls’ mothers, and why is a man allowed to post child exploiting trash online on YouTube for profit? When will our government do something to enforce our laws and rescue these children? Will it take a citizen’s brigade knocking on his door for him to give them up?

Pizzagate Elsagate youtube

Straight Shot from Lisa Irwin’s House to ToyFreaks Dad’s House


Lisa Irwin BOLO and age progression youtube

Lisa Irwin BOLO and age progression

The degree to which our law enforcement and NCMEC has been compromised disgusts me. I’ve considered whether I need to quit investigating because I care more about my children than I do about the ToyFreaks, and I haven’t made up my mind yet. But I don’t think that I should let these people get away with stalking and harassing me to shut me up. I imagine what Lisa Irwin’s mom feels like without her missing child and it brings me to tears. The Kamil Beylant crowd attempting to normalize and scare us into accepting their perversions simply will never happen, and they should just give that one up. If you were a missing child, and good adults didn’t care enough to help save you, the world would shatter for you. I do not want to be that person, so I decided to speak out.

For as much as you took note of the plight of Charlie Gard, Mr. President, I implore you to take action and rescue the missing. Arrest John Podesta, Tony Podesta, Jeffrey Epstein, and Hillary Clinton, and the ratlines fall apart.

#SavetheToyFreaks #RescueAnnabelleandVictoria #LisaIrwin


References (screenshots forthcoming):

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Steemit Article on Pizzagate refers to the group of online pedophiles who later doxed me


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Toyfreak Instagram: Disturbing comments on post of children in swimwear / makeup on “so cute”, “make me cummie”, “whats your number?” (pizzagate)

submitted 11 days ago by Benkitchen105

This instagram account and related Youtube channel needs taking down immediately and the people involved need hanging.

Child friendly? Adult dressed as Michael Myers (Above) This sick fuck has video of the children in swimwear for entertainment. Comments on post include: “Bad Girl” “Make me cummie”

Child with makeup on. Comments include: “You are so cute” “What is your number” “Cute”

This is nothing more than soft child porn for the entertainment of pedophiles

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  • Christie Crowder
    27 July 2017 at 12:21 am

    OMG! Annabelle could very well be Lisa and MUST BE DNA TESTED! She has no way of knowing who she is because she was kidnapped so young, obviously. Whoever she is, thank God someone like you is willing to keep fighting for justice for these kids and for IDENTIFICATION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE TRUE SCUM OF THE EARTH! If anything should be protected it is the INNOCENSE OF CHILDHOOD! Praying for your safety and success!

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    • amyjames
      27 July 2017 at 7:44 pm

      I agree. I posted an update on our site. According to the police I spoke with – they are investigating this case. Let’s all hope for the best result possible and that the girls are safe.

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