What Breitbart Knew, Part Three: The Dumbing Down of America is Progressing Nicely

To the missing, I say, this effort will be for you. There are still good people in the world who are trying desperately to come to your rescue.

“Fake news,” false flags, fired & f*cked, distracted, destroyed, divided and debunked, kidnapped, killed, suicided or shut up – “Pizzagate” — the only subject since 9/11 that people do not want to talk about, yet are forced to. To the missing, I say, this effort will be for you. There are still good people in the world who are trying desperately to come to your rescue. (See: Part 1 of this series, “What Breitbart Knew: How John Podesta, Planned Parenthood and Hillary’s Personal Mafia Are Ruining the Entire World,” and Part 2, “The Campaign of Silence on Human Trafficking – Apocalyptic Dreamers on the Brink of Trump Coup.”)

The Abduction of Madeline McCann

What began as an episode of the latest drop of Wikileaks intelligence has rapidly morphed into a crowdsourced investigation into worldwide corruption. “Pizzagate” is still a fitting term, no matter how you define it, but it’s not only about a pizza shop, and it’s not only about other pizza shops. Pizza is the code used by pedophiles to refer to child pornography and child rape. This is well known now by everyone in the world who has followed this story, and it has been so well known as to become a joke for a very long time by pedophiles themselves, which they have used on us, at our children’s expense. Evidence of this dates back long before Pizzagate broke. Just look around for photos and pizza references in popular culture to see how deep this goes.

“Pizzagate” – a disputed nickname, perhaps, but still appropriate, nonetheless. Say what you will, John Podesta, but crying to NPR and David Brock that your accuser was “debunked” isn’t going to work when the evidence is as overwhelming and widespread as it is, that disgusting child abuse, and so much more, has been going on under our noses.

I contacted Travis Smith a week or so ago regarding some information I had that ties into his Elsagate investigation. We have both sent letters to President Trump, along with several members of Congress, and a few members of the media. The story I have to tell is absolutely huge, but due to its nature, I cannot reveal it at this time. This is bigger than some Instagram posts on a band’s website, and it speaks to the very heart of the entire Pizzagate scandal. I am simply waiting for law enforcement to do their job with the information that I have given them. What will happen at this point is up to them, but I will at some point release it. Travis asked if I would be willing to share my stories and updates on this site, and I agreed. So this is my introductory, first story for Read, Wiped and Blew.

Hating John Podesta (and many others)

Everyone involved in this conspiracy of beyond epic proportions is guilty of the same attempts at a cover up that have been going on since the beginning of time. Time and time again the slaves bend to the will of their masters. What once was power effected through control by the force of war has evolved into power by numerous different methods. The people who control the world control the masses by controlling our money, controlling economies, starting wars, operating false flags, engaging in propaganda, and worse. Today, it is media slaves and sellouts who are aiding in the coverup, while masses of mind controlled zombies tune in to subject themselves to the propaganda, falsely believing that our system is incapable of protecting corrupt leaders or law enforcement.

“Elsagate” is substantial evidence of a mind control and perversion program being run on our children. Pizzagate began as an investigation into pedophilia and sex trafficking but it has become about much more than that. What the elites are hiding is much worse than simply looking at one photo of child pornography on accident.

George Webb, Evelyn Pringle and many others have described the method by which politicians are compromised. The evidence of human trafficking and organ trafficking is overwhelming, as is the evidence of weapons trafficking and the arming of ISIS and the distribution of rebels who will infiltrate countries and overtake them.

When a large number of members of Congress have been “brownstoned,” it’s not hard to see why this scandal has been kept hush-hush, and why there is so much disinformation about Pizzagate. There is zero exculpatory evidence for any of the people who have been accused, not the least of which is “Innocent Pizza Chef” James Alefantis, the owner of numerous (some pagan themed) restaurants, museums, properties, companies, and the producer of the creepy satanic cult film, “Chapel Perilous.”[1]

A few days ago, in a Walmart parking lot in San Antonio, Texas, a Clearwater, Florida man was arrested for human trafficking. A truck parked at Walmart carrying 38 people was spotted as the man tried to bring water to some of the people begging for something to drink from inside the trailer. Inside the truck were victims of human trafficking, including children, and some people who had died from the sheer heat inside of that truck.

For every child or adult who is a victim of human trafficking, elites and their servants have gained some sort of profit along the way, while a life has been taken or ruined. My previous articles discussed the willingness of Planned Parenthood to cover up instances of statutory rape of underage girls coming to their clinics for an abortion.

You can be sure with so many underage girls being marketed to pedophiles, eventually they will need abortions in order to further conceal these crimes. Planned Parenthood isn’t close to Hillary Clinton for nothing.

Hillary Clinton sent out a taunting tweet to Michael Flynn about the “consequences of fake news.”[2]

Hillary Clinton taunts Michael Flynn and Michael Flynn, Jr. for their exposure of Pizzagate in a threatening manner.

The obvious false flag shooting at Comet Ping Pong[3] served as a lesson to the rest of us not to talk about Pizzagate, as did the very telling retraction Alex Jones read for James Alefantis live on Infowars.

John Podesta’s tweets at Donald Trump, responding to his comments that people at G20 were all talking about Podesta,[4] were yet another example of the complete arrogance and complacency with which the “elites” flaunt their superiority.

John Podesta’s sense of humor is fantastic!

I see what you did there, John Podesta!

The shills make every effort to taunt, distract and flood the news with fake stories to muddy the waters. But true Americans are awakening to the fact that fake news is not what Pizzagate is. Have you ever seen a story called fake by the accused persist for so long?

The evidence is overwhelming, and we intend to bring all of it to light – from the pizza shops to the creepy YouTube videos, to the ratlines, ISIS funding efforts and body parts harvesting. It’s time for those responsible to be investigated and held to account, and it’s time for these illegal and unconscionable actions to come to an end.

Let this be a message for those of you who are afraid to speak. It is your children whose minds and safety are in jeopardy. You can do everything to protect them, but others are not as lucky. Do you want to live in a country that rapidly declines into perversion, the acceptance of murder, the acceptance of kidnapping, the acceptance of Satanism, the acceptance of abortion, the acceptance of rape, and the acceptance of torture? Do you want to live in a world where a child is used for parts to extend the Earthly life of a pedophile?

Pizzagate is real. Elsagate is real. They need to be investigated and the people need to wake up. Donald Trump is only one man, and he can’t save everyone. Society needs to be red pilled. Tell everyone you can to look into Pizzagate and Elsagate. Tell them to stop denying and hiding from the obvious. Tell everyone you can to demand justice and accountability for these crimes against humanity.

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of people who are evil but, because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” -Albert Einstein.

-Amy James


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