Elsagate Pedogate the many faces of Youtube

  This is by far the most dangerous issue I have come across to speak on. What I am about to reveal may put my family and, myself in...
pedogate youtube elsagate


This is by far the most dangerous issue I have come across to speak on. What I am about to reveal may put my family and, myself in danger of character assassination or worse. I state for the record that It was my hand, mine alone who harnessed the initiative, intention and willpower to make this go viral but, others had noticed this and posted on this only to have it removed before me. Our team built on their research and we hope that law enforcement and the citizen journalists can build on this as well so that we all may become informed decision makers in the future.

This information has also been sent to various big name news personalities who may or may not have the guts to try and investigate and expose this issue more. This issue strikes a deep and dark cord in the world today and directly affect YOU by impressioning your children or, children you know with abnormal and indecent behavior. This could lead to serious problems in the development and future of affected children – your children.  Even if your child is not directly exposed to this she/he may encounter other children who have been exposed to these themes and, I am sure you will find said themes disturbing in nature. Please listen to this information and spend 10-20 minuets of your own time to investigate the information I present. I can assure you that you will promptly come to your own conclusions and, that it will not be a trivial issue that you will simply forget about.

Very recently I became aware of these certain YouTube videos geared towards kids. I watched a few videos and quickly became disturbed to the nature and presentation style of the videos. The content is inappropriate for children, tacky and filled with suggestive meaning. These videos ultimately desensitize children to certain abnormal conditions and behavior. It is not one or two YouTube channels or videos.  It is literally hundreds, possibly thousands and they are all geared towards young impressionable children.

I need to provide the background a bit more so you understand what you should be seeing because these videos are not pleasant to watch and, I hope you only spend the time necessary to see the points I make. These videos have the following attributes:

  • They seem to use very popular kids “hero’s” and use them regularly with a favoring of 2-4 main characters (Spiderman, Elsa from Frozen, The Joker from Batman and a rotating other “hero” character or two).
  • Their themes are shockingly based on pregnancy, injections and syringes, doctor roll play, and leading to the more extreme theme of “bad daddy” “bad baby” poop and urine play and bondage / kidnaping themes.
  • There is a pattern of some of these YouTube channel names supporting each others “work” and commenting about what a “good video” it is or, similar “positive” comments.
  • There is a pattern of YouTube users and sometimes the channel creator using what looks like gibberish and/or meaningless words and phases.
  • There have been known encryption keys and links to other videos placed in some of these comments (see below).
  • The metadata tags in some of these videos are extensive and encompasses many keywords a child may search. These tags are also occasional translated into other languages
  • The videos seem to be filmed in nice homes / locations or are 3-D type animations / cartoons.
  • The videos are commonly centered around “colors” and “teach your child colors”
  • The videos are either animated or employ adult and /or children “actors” dressed as a character(s)

Here are some titles and video links of a broad variety of these. Warning the material shared below may be disturbing to some audiences.

pedo spiderman Elsa

Elsa Gate Spiderman Gate Pedo Youtube

One may find this all on their own by typing in any popular search term or use some of the direct links below.

Some direct links to specific videos referencing the themes I point out above. I want to make this clear that these videos aren’t porn these are references videos to these mind altering videos.





Super Hero’s YouTube Channel – Statistics

Created July 27th 2015. It seems that the channel is a fake profile and the actual channel owner is located in IRAQ

Est. Monthly Income Low: 4k High: 61K

Est. Yearly Income Low: 46k High: 740k

Observations: we have seen a few videos of an older man roll playing with young girls. Videos appear to be recorded in California or a similar warm climate and, there are other indicators that the channel has ties to the US.

Surprise Songs Club – Statistics

Unknown country of origin, Created January 6th 2017

Est. Monthly Income Low: 500.00 High: 5k

Est. Yearly Income Low: NA High: NA

Toys and Me YouTube Channel – Statistics

Channel created April 15th 2015. Based out of the UK. This channel has 5M subscribers and over 3 Billion views of its videos. In addition this channel has been seen to consistently grow by over 10k subscribers per day. We have tracked that the owners of this particular channel have ownership of at least 15 other Youtube channels with similar names and metadata tags.

Est. Monthly Income Low: 6k High: 971K

Est. Yearly Income Low: 728k High: 11M

Now take a look at the tags they use for this particular video channel.

Famtasti, candy, sweets, kids, gummy, hulk, warheads, fun, prank, in real life, kids react, funny video, gross, battle, contest, gummy hulk, hot dog, Pizza, Spider man, Super Heros, Elsa, Elsa pregnant

I think that you can clearly see that this is big business for some of these channels and, some of these channels and videos post very questionable and suggestive material. What is the reason for this? Are you as shocked as I am? Do the corporate sponsors of some of these videos know what they are actually promoting?

Plain and simply this is used to condition children to become normalized to pedophilia, transgenderism and the sexualization of young children / teens. The following points prove this:

  • The videos are marketed to kids specifically as noted with metadata tags and the use of popular children’s “hero” personalities and themes.
  • The acts of “playing” with adults, dress up and roll play are common themes in some channels
  • There appears to be a common theme of bondage, containment and even kidnaping.
  • There is a common trend with “eating” or sticking things such as large gummy worms in some of the children’s mouths
  • There seems to be “fake profiles” set up to promptly praise what a “good video” this is or defend the video if a parent calls out the questionable content in a particular video.
  • The use of cipher keys and encrypted code has been documented and noted here that unlock secret twitter accounts where clues were left and other YouTube videos were found (see below).
  • Many of the comments in the videos appear to use some sort of Gibberish / Code to reference some sort of pedophilia comments, events, or for some other use?
  • Many of the commenters on the videos seem to be fake profiles / shell accounts designed for some purpose described above.

Info found linked in cipher code on one of the videos below (kind of…)

Warning! This material is highly suspected of containing ultrasonic frequencies, mind control, trigger words and this programming and may cause adverse effects on the viewer. Viewer discretion is strongly advised and it is advised that no one with predisposed mental conditions or DID view this video.

Note: upon further debate and review with my team we, have decided to retract this information based on the very disturbing nature of the material. This material has had reports of making people physically ill and feeling “strange” immediately after viewing it. Material will be shared on a case by case basis and personal request or, you can follow the source links I will provide and uncover it yourself in your research.  I will not be responsible for anyone getting hurt from this material – it is that serious and we recommend only professionals or Law Enforcement view these materials.

In light of these revelations of what appears to have been hidden right under our noses. It is important to contemplate what this all means? I have reached out to gather opinions on this and, from one very well known expert who specifically worked with satanic ritual abuse victims for the Adam Walsh Foundation on some very big cases in the 80’s and 90’s. She has authorized me to use her name here, Pamela Harris-Oedekerk. In our opinion this is direct evidence of a large international concentrated effort to desensitize our children to pedophilia. I am not going to sugar coat it. This is plain and simple conditioning a young person’s mind to view perverse acts as normal.

There are a multitude of other issues surrounding this. Look at how much money these YouTube Channels are making right now. This is big business. Look at all the pedophilia scandals in the Catholic Church and in American and European Politics. Are some of the corporate advertisers going to loose their minds when they find out just what they are supporting? Do some of them have any affiliation with this material? Why is Disney not suing the heck out of some of these channels for using Hana-Barbara and other Disney characters? What about Grand Theft Auto (some of the car / hero videos are made with the Engine that makes the Video Game GTA); these guys (Rock star) have been well known to aggressively pursue legal action on copyright and patent infringement. Not one of these videos to our knowledge has given credit for using these images.

Finally, where is YouTube in all of this? Why do I hear of conservative voices getting banned and censored from YouTube (in fact one of my videos speaking on geopolitical issues and North Korea) was flagged and demonetized) when this kind of disgusting material apparently is ok.

I hope that all who have read this far will help to take action to educate other parents on this issue. I personally do not know how to put an end to it besides never allowing my kids to make these creeps one penny from their videos. I hope you are thinking of the little ones you know and wondering just what they may have seen or heard about at school. Video games are equally as bad and I have heard that the new Freddy Five Finger Game is the new hit and it is quite violent. I also hear that one may purchase the latest Freddy themed party supplies at Target now.

Please take this information and use it to make people aware of the dangers here and to help us the people shut off the money supply to these video creators. Take any action you feel compelled to. I felt compelled to try to make this go mainstream and viral. Others may decide to write and call YouTube, the video sponsors, the channel owners, Law Enforcement etc… Share this information so that we can work together to stop the spread of this disease before it is too late. Thank you to all the Hackers, KEK, Researchers, Citizen Journalists, and YouTube Truthers and concerned Citizens!


A Concerned Parent and Citizen of the World.



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  • anon
    25 June 2017 at 12:46 pm
  • Red Green Alliance
    1 July 2017 at 4:33 pm

    Excellent breakdown. Hope you don’t mind if I reblog it using the full article (with full credits of course). I will share this on social media too. Say hi on Twitter at @MoMeetsAisha. Thanks! RGA

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  • thinkinggamer
    10 July 2017 at 11:43 am

    I agree with most of your article, but your additional mention of video games has nothing to do with the elsagate issue going on. Five Nights at Freddy’s is a mature game and labelled as such. On steam, for example, the tags are horror and survival horror. The game doesn’t have an ESRB rating since it isn’t primarily on consoles, but the major consensus is the game would receive a T rating. There is some pixelated blood, but there is no gore like you said. There are jump scares and a creepy environment, but it resembles more a goosebumps book than Nightmare on Elm Street as you are suggesting. If your kid bought Five Nights at Freddy’s that means he or she has access to your money and are able to use it without your knowledge. And if you did absolutely no research into what your child is purchasing, than that is the parent once more, not the game. Grand Theft Auto, for example has a big, fat MATURE rating on it for Sexual content, violence, etc. etc. Yet parents don’t even take a look at the rating then get mad at the game for being what it said it is.

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    25 July 2017 at 2:04 am

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  • Ali Rizvi-Santiago
    29 August 2017 at 3:58 pm

    Great breakdown on this hyper-creepiness… But suggesting a video contains “ultrasonic frequencies”? Like, really? Making statements like that discredits the whole post. Video compression doesn’t work like that. Most audio compression algorithms remove audio that you can’t hear from video in order to conserve on space since…y’know, you can’t hear it.

    Not only that, but ultrasonic frequencies are by their very nature something that you can’t hear which means that they will only vibrate objects (and air) at a specific interval. And what kind of impact does this have? If it’s “base-y” enough, then shaken-baby-syndrome?

    Also, saying something contains “Mind Control” is very conspiracy-theorist-like as you’re not suggesting what it contains or how it gets there, but that the end-result is total “Mind Control”. It’s important to distinguish that this Elsagate content that’s on Youtube doesn’t “Mind Control”, but was made with likely malicious intentions to influence a very specific audience. It’s important to understand how much impact media has on individuals, especially our children.

    These videos are designed to influence kids into normalizing situations that aren’t considered normal by society’s standards. That’s a problem in that kids are very influence-able, and need to be taught how to distinguish wrong from right. These videos are a significant hinderance to that teaching and unfortunately it is likely that this can later be taken advantage of by a sick individual.

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