The ABC’s of MSM Make believe and the Keys to bringing us closer to the truth of it all

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Note that many links are from one source. This source is an index of information and sometimes the general topic contains many sub-links into similar topics/areas.  Do you know someone experiencing Cognitive Dissonance? Send them this link to explore a few topics or pick the areas they would be interested in. Your feedback and links are welcome here.

A – Astroturf  Please stop falling for this manipulation.

B – Brainwashing


D – Disclosure

E – ET Manipulation

F – Federal Reserve

G – Giants

H – Hollow / Honeycomb Earth

I – International Geopolitics


K – Kazarian Mafia

L – Looser Libtards

M – MK Ultra

N – NAZI’s

O – Operation Mockingbird

P – Pizzagate / Pedogate

Q – Quran

R – Radical Islam a NWO Trogan Horse

S – Secret Space Program

T – Tesla and suppressed technologies

U – Underground Bases (DUMBS)

V – Vatican

W – Wizard of Oz

X – xenophobia and the radical muslim screen play

Y – Y are they (the global elite) doing this?

Z – Zionism


I eat seeds and live in a cage.
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