Lefties & Righties – I am not the only one pointing this out!

This is our time to make a final stand before things get really bad in the world.


You all really need to read up on what is going on in the country and, who you should be pointing the fingers at to allow an election such as our recent one. Two words – George Soros.

Right folks – I am kind of disappointed to see not many of my friends not sharing this type of link. You seem to know who and, what are the cause of many of Americans problems when we speak on these topics.

Why are you not taking action and helping to spread awareness? The memes are fun but, they do not work! Start spreading information for people to read!

This is our time to make a final stand before things get really bad in the world. What side of the fence are you on?

Do your support love, peace happiness or, do you support death, destruction and chaos? Choice is yours. Your actions and inaction will put you on a side of the fence even if you know it or not.


Some of you are probably wondering why I am still posting “crazy stuff”?

Is it obvious that, I feel strongly about these issues and, risk a lot to bring a different perspective for you all to consider?
I will simply state my reasoning behind this all is, that Humanity is at a critical juncture in time. I have no illusions that Trump may also be part of the global conspiracy against humanity.

I hope he is not. There is evidence to suggest that he is not and, it is obvious to anyone paying attention that the elite political establishment, Hollywood celebrities and even staunch GOP conservatives like McCain were rallying behind Team Clinton.

Pause and ask yourself why this is and, what it would mean if that statement were true?

Obviously I feel strongly enough to keep pointing out that the Federal Reserve is a scam. Nearly all Politicians in our country have ties to some very dark things.

The Mainstream and Alt. News has been hijacked and corrupted a long time ago.

The Global Elite are manipulating things so much and, so deeply that many have a hard time accepting this reality or, facing up to the truth that things are not what they appear at face value.

I have thought about the dark paths that may possibly lay ahead for the human species.

I do not want any part of that for you or me. I have read in depth about the global manipulation of basically everything. Food production, politics, media, medical, technology and world military forces etc… EVERYTHING.

There is a lot of information out there on all these topics. I am not the only one pointing this out.

It is also important to remember that YOU are ultimately responsible for figuring out what is true or, not true, what is fake or a distortion of the truth.

I cannot force your own awakening but, I can however keep putting it in your faces and pointing out the obvious.

Your personal safety and the safety of your children depend on us all becoming informed and helping in our own ways to put a stop to the madness going on in the world.

Think about that. If doomsday comes and you need to explain that concept to your child what will you tell them? “I am sorry kid, I did not do anything about it while I had the chance.” Or will we simply hide from that reality and simply blame others for “letting it get out of control”?

Your child will see through that last line of reasoning and will accept the first line of reasoning all on their own…

Happy thought of the day – you still have the chance to inform yourself and to take action.

I urge everyone to make the appropriate preparations and take steps to think on how you can also contribute to putting a stop to this madness and chaos.

Thanks for reading and I hope that we will still have information available to us in the near future, before the internet is shut down or censored completely. I have made personal and family preparations for this, have you?

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