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  I met a fellow named Bob when I first arrived here in Glen-allen for this job a few weeks ago. I have been eager to meet someone from...


I met a fellow named Bob when I first arrived here in Glen-allen for this job a few weeks ago. I have been eager to meet someone from interior Alaska because, I had heard that the tribes here are closely related to the Navajo and Apache Tribes in Arizona. In fact, they are so closely related that the tribes can speak in their native languages and understand each other. When I got to know Bob a little more and, after talking for a few mornings he told me that he would draw me some pictures of our conversations and, his tribe’s history.

His people are called the Caribou People and, their legend states that there were vast herds of caribou that, the long past elders frequently spotted a boy that was running in the middle of the heard. This is the legend of how their tribe came to be.The Uziskyu Tribe (caribou people).

Long ago there was a major volcanic eruption that filled the valley they live in with ash that was waste deep. This caused the tribe to spit up and migrate south. According to Bob the part of the tribe that moved south split off a few times on the move and, eventually ended up in Northern and Southern Arizona.

There are more stories to share about his knowledge and ways of life. There was not a road beyond a rugged trail to this part of the country until the 1930’s and an actual road was built in 1941. His people were isolated for some time before they were truly integrated into modern culture. Bob even told me that he was sent to a boarding school when he was six years old and, that he was not allowed to speak the native tongue after I asked him how his people would say the word “Wolf”.

I have more stories about what Bob told me relating to his people and the lives they lived in this rugged climate and terrain. I would enjoy making more posts like this one but, there are more pressing matters to discuss.

If you read my random posts and thoughts you will see shortly just how disturbing some of these topics are. They are little discussed topics in our modern culture and our “news” sources fail to mention these pressing matters beyond a short blurb where it is quickly drowned out by the din of modern distractions.

I sometimes feel bad for posting on some of the subject material I have but, when I look around and see all the sickness in society I get concerned for the future of our kids. I want us all to realize just how sick our society is because, I have a hope that with an awareness of the difficulties that lie ahead then, we can work to correct them – collectively and as one people.

Discovery of the Athabascan Origin of the Apache and Navajo Languages

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