A Russian!

I was able to speak to a Russian citizen again


Finally, I was able to speak to a Russian citizen again. When he walked into our unit and, I picked up on his accent, I immediately perked up and waited patiently to corner him about some conversations that I had been wanting to have for some time.

When “business” was finished, I began asking him questions on world politics, Putin, Trump, Clinton and life in general. We talked for nearly 20 minutes about various topics and, do you know what I learned? These people are just like us Americans.

They are concerned about the corruption in their own government. Just as most of us here in America are. They see Putin as a strong leader who, also has to deal with a corrupted system and, that he has his own faults as a leader and person.

Our talk was as broad as possible so, that I could get his perspectives on topics such as Syria, Ukraine and what is like to live in his country. I really enjoy speaking with people from other parts of the world.

I like to share in their life experiences and, to ultimately help reinforce my position that we are all simply humans – trying to find our way in life, living in a very complex and fast paced world.

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