The raging FanBoys

Leading the sheep to slaughter


I must say, you fan boys really crack me up. I mean it is kind of like the pack of junior high adolescent males who strut around and, boisterously bully the other kids who don’t fit in with their little clique.

I’ve watched you in discussion boards or, in group conversations where someone voices a different perspective or opinion of something and then they get ridiculed, blasted and or labeled into a category of this or that. It must feel comfortable to operate in a little pack, snickering about the outcast and believing in your superiority or outstanding intelligence.

Many people are attracted to your little clique out of their own insecurities or desire to “fit” in. Sometimes you even think of yourself as a “wolf” in your little pack of alpha dog competitiveness. Completely fixed minded in your approach to things in life and, to new ideas. You shut out the other perspectives and people.

Your arrogance and unending obedience to a system that lets you think you are your own “alpha” but, you are blind to the real unseen “Alpha” controlling us all. I can assure you that while you presumptuously think of yourself as a wolf but, you are nothing of the sort.

You are actually a sheep dressed in wolves clothing and, are helping to lead the rest of the sheep into the slaughter pen. I understand the roll you play in life and I don’t fault you for it but, rather just accept what it is. Just remember that the flock of sheep following you is getting smaller in number.

Most of the other sheep are starting to see the gates of the pen and, are turning around to follow the other sheep that sensed danger. You could say their “sixth sense” kicked in or that they “smelled blood in the air”. So, last chance fan boys dressed up as wolves. You going to keep leading that “pack of wolves” or, you going to wake up to the reality that many of your fellow sheep have been pointing to?

That you are just a damn sheep as well and, you may want to see that slaughter pen for what it really is before it is too late.

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  • Stephen
    19 January 2017 at 5:22 pm

    wish there was a way to link FB comments to this section here.

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