Thank You Hackers

whoever you are!


At this point in time I look at what the evidence says vs. what people are saying. If the Russians really hacked the DNC and Hillary/Podesa emails then, we should be thanking them in my opinion. I have looked at the evidence in the emails rather than, who actually leaked them and, I am shocked for a number of reasons:

Why are people focused on who hacked them instead, of what the emails actually reveal?

Why would anyone claim they are fake when they have been proven to be genuine and, have you looked at the evidence before you claim it is BS or “fake”?

Why would Hillary and Co. be so careless in the protection of their information, was it because they felt they are above the law?

Why was the criminal record of Hillary and Co. not really pursued in the press, instead of Trump’s supposed flaws and basically hyped up non-issues?

Why would anyone believe corporate mainstream media anymore in light of the above conduct and, with people like me reminding them that the CIA has been controlling the “official narrative” for some time now?

Last, what the evidence reveals is truly deplorable, disgraceful and downright evil and, it rings true up to the highest levels in Washington.

Can you now see why I would applaud Russia for this hack or anyone else for that matter. You, my brothers and sisters are my hero’s along with the countless whistle blowers!

You have helped to expose the dark underbelly of the beast and, now the cat is out of the bag in a lot of respects.

So Mr or Mrs. Hacker, Mr. Russian Hacker supported by Putin and Mr. Putin yourself. Thank you for your service to Humanity! There are still a some Americans left in this country who are not blinded by the lies promoted by our politicians, media and celebrities. We send our deepest thanks and gratitude for your proud service to all that is good in this world and, to help end the Globalists strangle hold on this world’s peoples. We support you in your fight against tyranny and darkness and stand on moral high ground with you.


A Concerned American

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