Why Alternative Media is Important

The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers.


Here at home now before Christmas I sit and ponder some things. What is really going on in the world today? Do many people realize that the news they may be consuming may be tainted with psyops, misinformation and outright lies? Also do we pause to consider that the holidays and weekends is when the real crazy news happens under the cover of darkness so to speak?

I have more than a few friends critical of what I am now attempting to do. Create a video blog and website where we can discuss the other side of the story that is many times completely omitted from mainstream news coverage. In the words of my friend who is very skeptical of what I am doing “Truth is hard won, it isn’t opinions we gather based on subjective evidence and bias”. Well, no shit Sherlock! Wow, you win your gold star for the day by helping me point this out! Mainstream news sources should be considered in the same light as alternative media sources: both just perspectives that we have little options to compare actual facts and hard data. Unless you are looking at the actual evidence then, we should approach with a skeptical yet open mind not necessarily believing or disbelieving until we have gathered enough “evidence” both direct and circumstantial to make an informed opinion.

Subjective evidence and bias – this is the problem in many news reports today and, I fail to see how someone can claim that mainstream media does not have this problem and, while at the same time alternative media has this “huge problem”? As if the Associated Press, NPR BBC etc.… are impartial and do not have corporate interests they must protect and sell us on! This is where the little guys in alternative media are shining through. They are actually doing their jobs of exposing things for what they are (or attempting to). They actually have taken on the roll of investigative journalist rather than corporate spokesperson spewing opinionated and unsubstantiated claims as truth. Warping the story to focus on one little aspect of the big picture, to refocus the arguments and paint the issue to the liking of the corporate puppet masters they serve.

Have we not forgotten about the known ties of mainstream media to the CIA and, how the CIA loves to manipulate opinions and peoples perspectives. How they love to sow distrust, color revolutions and chaos in many third world countries and now it appears it is coming home to America to take a permanent spot in our mainstream / Alternative media. This is a large topic and much has been written about it. Project Mockingbird is somewhere one can start to see this known and, proven relationship between the fourth branch of government (the media) and the secretive shadow arm of the intelligence / propaganda community.

What about the WMD lie that the Neo-Cons and our media variously promoted? To send our troops to war in Iraq and, to ultimately start the chain of dominos that aided in the destabilization of the Middle East at large. Faulty information passed as “truth”. No questioning of the validity of these WMD arguments and only a pro-intervention stance by the media. Note, that at this time there was much less alternative media to counter the faulty arguments and Americans were kind of too distracted with other matters to notice this globalist agenda being pushed down our collective throats. In addition the unfortunate incident of 9/11 was used as kind of a fear push to implementing an immediate and pro-intervention response as Iraq and Sadam were circumstantially mentioned as possible reasons for the historic event occurring and, again there was no solid proof of this. Only opinionated conjecture, fear porn and dumb ass talking heads represented as “experts” in all of the mainstream media channels of the time.

Alternative Media today is filled with “fear porn” racialized opinions and manipulated circumstantial evidence. This has occurred in phases and has had “leaders” in this movement and there are multiple reasons for why this movement has progressed in the way it has. The primary reason for the explosion in the amount of alternative media sources is the fact that many people were disillusioned and “turned off” by mainstream media. This helped fuel a movement of researchers, truthers and new independent investigative blogs and journalism. Many of these small time operators and even some of the bigger names are honest intentioned, humbled by the true reason for preforming this type of work (note that it is not money, fame or ego) and finally feel that they are attempting to help humanity by trying to expose some of the truth in an age of lies.

Some of the bigger players in alternative media who, we will not name at this time are known disinformation agents. If you thought for a second that the CIA would not infiltrate, manipulate the narrative and employ advanced psyops in this realm of information in an information age you would be mistaken. Many of these big players have seemed to follow a pattern of how they grow in membership and how eventually they grow into a specific roll they play such as a shill and detractor from the whole truth movement. Much can be written about these operatives and the methods and reasons for their use in Today’s Sea of “information”. Is it not hard to see how someone can use a little bit of “truth” to gain a massive subscribership and then to take that shred of truth and paint a “conspiracy picture” so wild, crazy and even flat out provable as false to the extreme to ultimately discredit the whole “truther movement”. Once this discrediting of the broad movement has been done (and it has already) it is easy for the operatives on the other side (i.e. CNN, Fox, etc.…) to basically label and callout B.S. of anyone who does not subscribe to traditional thought patterns.

So now you see the importance of hearing the other side of the argument right? If there were more people at the time looking at things with a critical eye then we may not have wasted thousands of lives and trillions of dollars invading a nation such as Iraq. There is always another side to a story, event or broad topic. The story of the unheard voice of the people who actually live there and, who may not be offered the chance to voice their words.

The story of a perspective that falls outside normal thought patterns in the collective consciousness. Should we not at least look at all the evidence before making an assumption that we now know the “answers” the “issues” and the arguments “for or against” something with out looking into the other side of the story. Often the other side of the story is completely negated, obstructed or even unspoken in our mainstream media outlets. Should we not question why these points are dismissed by them so readily? Should we not wonder what the “official narrative” is and ultimately why it is presented in the way it is? Often times we may find that the “official narrative” is set up to guide and manipulate public perceptions and opinions for a predetermined outcome.

I sincerely hope that this argument makes sense and ultimately points the finger at you the reader. We are all individually responsible to make our own informed decisions and opinions and to be able to back them up with at least a reasonable argument if it is called into question. Mainstream media narratives that many people argue for or provide evidence of can easily be refuted with counter evidence in most cases but, are you willing to put the time into looking into these topics and counter evidence? Even if it means questioning your whole notion of what you thought you knew as reality? Many of us are tired of the lies and have taken it upon ourselves to inform us of what we feel is closer to the “truth” than the “official narrative”. Are you willing to inform yourself of the other side?

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