A reply to blind support of “the official story”

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.


You all can go about your days thinking that things are so cut and dry…

A friend and I just did an iP trace route to the new dancing bear so called Russian hackers. IP is registered to a server in Phoenix and makes money somehow from the site.

Yeah sounds like a real hacker and sounds like you all have a hacked opinion based on your unquestioning support of your so called media telling you exactly how they hear it from the Cia or whoever. I guess I do find evidence that supports the world wide conspiracy I speak of disturbing.

This world conspiracy that uses the CIA and other government resources as an arm to support its agenda. Evidence there for the reading but, some people apparently don’t like to read the other side of the coin.

I am out, I have to break the news that the media and CIA propaganda machine is running full steam ahead to brainwash more pajama people in this country. Dancing Bear = CIA front

I guess I don’t agree with your view of “democracy”. I just don’t see it the “democracy” you speak of. As if it exists in a purist state of any resembles of what the ideals or even the way it worked many years back. Why is it bad to recognize this? To point this out? An empire in decline, trying desperately to salvage any option and attempting to control the narrative through any means possible.

This is my point: you focus on who did the release instead of the actual contents of the leaks. This is the problem with the bulk of mainstream media they don’t do their job. The content matters as much as where they came from. It could have been Russia? It could have been an anonymous hacker? It could have come from inside the US for all we really know? The point is the CONTENT and, what it tells of the players in a broad sense.

Why should people have “trust” in institutions that have proven time and again to not have the people’s best interests in mind? Constantly putting the almighty dollar ahead of human life and decency. Yes the Democrats helped do this to themselves but, now it seems the blame game is being played on people when the real culprits in crime slink away from the obvious crimes they have been committing. This is what the leaks prove.

DNC, Clinton’s, podesta and crew, even bush family in a past Era have all proven to basically say fuck you to our institutions and the American people and it seems that some are defending and enabeling the real criminals to escape them by chasing a White Rabbit of “who done it” while completely ignoring the content of what the leaks mean to everyday Americans.

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