The Artificial Life the new hip thing ?

I'm not a robot. said the robot...


Mainstream Media Outlet telling us that it is ok for this to happen and that it is inevitable.
Parents are you prepared to explain to your children what this is about? I doubt it… Ask your self why this would be ok? Are we really that sick and twisted to allow this to happen? According to mainstream media – the answer is YES. Still think mainstream media does NOT have an agenda and, presents you with both sides of the arguments – Take a look at this and see if there is anything that would lead you to believe otherwise… Get back to me on that one after you look at the little Giff on the bottom… Don’t come back with any lame arguments for this please…. I would hate to try and argue with someone on this dangerous topic… and it is likely you will look like more of an ass than me posting this BS!

Robot sex is the future us

Future is here

Ok…. Since a mainstream media source states that it is ok and they will not be a problem then we should just accept it…. Social conditioning to make us believe it is normal? Yeah… Exactly please read it and, see if you get a different perspective. The Mainstream Media has a baseline of crap like this being normal. War and bombing a country because we do not like a democratically elected leader is ok as long as they accept a little american democracy right? This is the point you “normal” people do not see that the base line has been skewed for a long time. I see the baseline as absolutely crazy! “Don’t worry everything will be fine sleep tight and we will assure you of this tomorrow.”

I will again state that I find this repulsive and very degrading to the human species in general…. Is this what you want your children to grow up with? Ask ourselves why has our mainstream media been silent about this? I am sure you could order one today if you really wanted to….

Don’t worry about sex robots they wont ruin sex

Robots you can actually make love to today

Robots mind blowing Expert says androids one day improve skills bedroom

Sex love and robots the end of intimacy

Sex robots could biggest trend

So… Who here thinks that this kind of crap is going to be good for our society? This is real folks. This is disturbing to me and probably many others reading this. Are we going to become that degrading to ourselves as a species to, allow this kind of thing to happen to us? Are we going to see people getting married to their robots and, taking them out on dates? There is more “evidence” as you will see today. This is the topic of the day. Artificial Intelligence, Cyborgs, Synthetic Humans, Cloning, Androids, Nano-Technology and Nano-Biology. Are you ready for the future???

“Andy Rubin talked about the developing technologies in the next decade, and his money is on AI, robotics and quantum computing. The tech veteran has high hopes for the future, and is ready to invest a lot in it.”
I bet he is ready to “invest a lot” into these technologies… As if any of them will be applied to helping the human race rather than lining his pockets and possibly promoting a dark agenda. Speaking on dark agendas. Maybe it is time to move on before the internet gets shut down or we have restricted access…

Technology is shaping up as per andy rubin

Whew… Getting a little overwhelming right? There is more… Lots more… I will just keep on going because apparently many people think some teenage kids just sit in moms basement and write this up all day… You can hear Gates himself say very disturbing comments and I have read the reports of his HPV vaccination causing the few who survived that had a bad reaction to it saying “their brain was on fire”. I will try to dig that one up if I remember to… so much data… so little time…

GMO Bill Gates

bill gates vaccine crimes

bill gates africa and population control

bill gates and the anti fertility agent in african tetanus vaccine/

Believe it or not this is part of the trans-humanist agenda. What better way to get kids to sign up for that brain implant voluntarily? Get at them while they are young – social conditioning. “It is ok to have a lover robot because older people now do it and that is just our normal society”. Is the social conditioning becoming clearer? Do we want some more proof on this guy? Sure? Ok links to follow in the comments.
Gates… Keep believing that he is a “great guy”. I will hopefully have time to get to him before data is limited on the net.


Is bill gates psychopath

WipeOutHumans BillGates Vaccines Are best Way To Depopulate Planet

Philanthropist bill gates openly admits support for death panels and depopulation

Paul Allen and his Dual Agenda:
Paul speaks against the singularity and how it is not that big of a deal.
Paul invests heavily into this type of work…

Why would someone want to reverse engineer the brain? Only one reason – to clone a brain onto a super computer or most likely a Quantum computer. What would be the purpose of that one may ask? To make a AI intelligence that can think like us. What would this AI be used for? To manage the humans that are now in the trans-humanist era who are all connected to the super brain computer… Sounds like Sci-Fi right? Look around and tell me that we do not already live in an Orwellian world. I bet someone would have a hard time proving that we do not live in this type of world….

Philanthropist paul allen announces 100 million gift to expand frontiers of bioscience

Inside paul allens quest to reverse engineer the brain

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