Good Morning – Welcome to the future!

It is not enough to live together in peace, with one race on its knees.


Good Morning – Welcome to the future! Lets take a walk and see what may lie ahead for us. I have been on this all morning and if you care to investigate further go to my page to see all the “neat things” that may be in store for us and our children.

Here is another BS article and I will show why in the comments with links to the contrary… Remember who Paul Allen is… Remember that these guys play both sides of the field to make us “more comfortable” with the ideas, advocating caution and telling us it is “not so bad” while, at the same time he is heavily invested in this type of technology and I briefly scanned the article and can tell right off the bat just how manipulative and deceiving it was written. How do I know this? Because I have read quite a lot about this topic and also the topic of how the media is designed to confuse issues and put people against people. Designed to set up straw men arguments to tear them down later etc….. It is all so confusing and deceptive. Remember my first post about the baseline of the news… It is skewed…

Paul allen the singularity isnt near

Kurzweil responds dont underestimate the singularity

Why paul allen does not believe the singularity is coming any time soon

Ray kurzweil vs paul allen is

Some more mainstream media references to the predicted and pushed agenda – trans-humanism (singularity). This is how the media tricks us unsuspecting humans. They set up the argument and acknowledge it exists but, in the same article state that it will “PROBABLY not be a problem in your life time”. Did the NY Times present the other side of the argument of just how far this technology has gotten? No. Did they explore the dangers of the singularity in real human concerns – No. Did they just give you one source of material to check out Yes. But it was some old Navy project that happened in 58 or something? Yep that sure is relevant nearly 60 years later…. “Now move along and go to work and do not be concerned about these matters, we warned you that it will PROBABLY not happen in your life time.” “Who cares about the kids you will be dead.”

Artificial intelligence when is the singularity

It is a Trap! Do not fall for the trap! It will be tempting to say sure, I want to live an extra 50 years… Read the fine print on that contract! You will be selling your soul for a few years and some information! Yet we will see many embrace this… Read about it and come back to argue how this is a good idea because I will enjoy trying to see a perspective of someone who will sign that contract.

Ciencia singularity

Vision of singularity questions ai intellect

Artificial intelligence singularity stephen hawking elon musk

Time magazine is a reputable source right? Haha mainstream even puts it in our faces and no one can see it… When was the last time you spoke to someone about this or read about it? When was the last time before that? Kind of what I though unless you are “crazy” like me and read about this kind of BS all the time.

I have read reports that as each calendar year passes that the military / intelligence / whoever is running the show? technology surpasses our technological progression in a single year by up to and possibly more than 50 years. So you and I are working with antiquated technology while “secret projects” “secret technology” is being developed? Developed for what purpose? What is the end result? Look at the sickness in society and tell me that some of the technology out there is benificial to our wellbeing as a species. Virtual reality, realistic video games that de-sensitize you to killing another human, sex robots…. what is next? Well lets get to that…

Secret projects

The “Singularity” – If you hear this word I would run the other direction… The marriage of machine and human. It is a big trap set for us unsuspecting humans who will be lured into the trap with the appeal of extended life and access to vast amounts of data – in effect creating a “super human”. The trap will be appealing to many but, they will fail to read the fine print of the contract… Your soul will be trapped for possibly an eternity. I highly recommend we all become aware of this trap being set as we speak. More “evidence” to come.

Ciencia artificial humans

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