A noble man fights for a reason or a cause. Fighting without cause is kind of like peeing into a strong wind. Men who fight to hurt or maim...
A noble man fights for a reason or a cause. Fighting without cause is kind of like peeing into a strong wind. Men who fight to hurt or maim out of aggression, intoxication or, bad life choices are not fighting for a cause. They are fighting their own demons. It is unfortunate to live in this gravely sick society that, I would even need to write these words. True men back down from a fight without cause unless, your own or others life’s depended on it.
Fighting for a valid reason and, for self-preservation are noble causes. Self-preservation should never harm another soul unless absolutely necessary in a life or death situation. If your cause and, self-preservation revolve around “only yourself” then ultimately, you are battling your own demons. If your cause revolves around “others” and, your work is dedicated to peace, harmony and ultimate uplift of the meek of the world then, this is a noble cause. You are also fighting for yourself and what you believe in when your cause is noble and you are helping to co-create a harmonious existence in the “all that is”.
Our days have been numbered since we were conceived. Hopefully we can learn to fight for our true selves instead of battling our own demons.

Note – I did not write this and I cannot remember where I found it.
Sorry I cannot give the author credit. I feel that the message is important for us all to consider.

What this seems to mean is that we, who go out into the world to confront the forces of destruction that are attempting to take control over our planet, are now being endowed with new powers to fulfill our task. Put another way, we are in an accelerating process of realization of the potential which has always existed in each one of us to perform what one might term ‘superhuman’ tasks.
And let’s face it, the tasks we need to perform are superhuman if we are to wrest back control over our destinies.
Those who stand behind the top-down control system and manipulate events with their occult and Masonic practices are aware of the energy changes taking place at this time. They are trying to exploit them for their own ends via such events as the recently concluded London Olympic Games — a veritable coven of occult symbolism.
They wish to use such occasions to draw both human and non-human energies towards the realization of their dark agenda, all the time keeping popular attention on the mundane and surface spectacle of ‘the big show’.
Sinister it most certainly is. But we have allowed this situation to develop over decades through our passive acquiescence to each turn of the screw. And that is no longer possible.
Ultimately, true resistance is born out of the combined elements of a back-against-the-wall finality of the process of retreat, and the timely cosmic alignments that endow humanity with a greater capacity to confront and vanquish its oppressors. That is exactly where we are today. The merging of convergent time lines has brought us to the front line. There can be no turning back. We each have specific roles to play in this drama and these will emerge as we commit ourselves to the cause. There can be no sitting on the fence anymore. The fence itself is collapsing under the dead weight of decades of vacuous human intransigence. Words too. Use them carefully from now on as they carry


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