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    JFK Files Declassified: Major Doxxes on the Left and Right

    Freak for Life Written Next to Lisa Irwin's House
    It has been said that the greatest lie ever told was by Satan himself, and that lie was that he does not exist. Whether you believe in Satan or not, it’s clear that many Satanists believe in Satanic powers. So much so that a major headline of late is that thousands of witches have been gathering frequently to cast a binding spell on President Trump and his supporters. It’s been obvious since Wikileaks released Podesta’s emails that what Hillary may have been hiding in her deleted stash of emails...
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    Bizarre Threatening Stalker Email Received In Response to ToyFreaks and AwanGate

    Yesterday I decided to start switching over to a new email account on Proton mail because I heard it is harder to stalk people using metadata on Proton mail. I posted it on my Facebook to reach out to Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley about their daughter Lisa Irwin and Greg P. Chism of ToyFreaks in Granite City, IL. Today, at this email address, which I activated a couple of years ago, but never gave out to a single person before yesterday (I even had to reset the password  just...
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    Suspicious Pakistani Accounts and Code Word “92 toys” Links Back to ToyFreaks

    Earliest known video of "Annabelle" March 2017
    Update: I just spoke with a woman from the FBI terrorism division and I was told that Lisa Irwin’s disappearance wasn’t something they were previously investigating at the FBI but that the Kansas City Police was investigating it. I am not sure if that is true or what that means, but I guess it could mean that either someone did not care about the multiple FBI IC3 reports I filed before, or someone perhaps, filed them in file drawer number 13. Update: “92 Toys” may be a reference to...
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    Lisa Irwin Montage Overlay Identical to Toy Freaks “Annabelle”

    Disappearance of Lisa Irwin #FindLisaIrwin #ToyFreaks...
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    Hillary Clinton Bobbleheads Are Real

    Hillary Clinton False Flag Pizza Party Meme
    I really thought I made this “Hillary Clinton Bobble Head” idea up myself. I had great plans, for the Chai Latte Hillary Bobblehead doll. I can’t help but post this today, as it seems someone has a voodoo doll of Hillary Clinton and has helped her fall and break a toe. I know it wasn’t me, since I don’t do magic. But I just posted these memes last night, before this happened to her, which has me wondering if Pepe had something to do with this?    ...
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    Creepy Snuff Network Surrounding Anne Faber Abduction & Murder Investigation

    Stalker Trail Leads to Credible Death Threat on this Innocent Person
    Bryon Adams has posted a well-documented investigation of clues that trace back to a creepy YouTube account where a child was shown for sale. The stalker comment approved last night on this site on my article about the “Bound and Gagged Child Posted for Sale on YouTube” led back to some Facebook profiles with posts that match the clues in the prior breadcrumb trail discovered by 4chan, Voat and Twitter users regarding an account named blackdog and a creepy YouTube channel that posts videos of women and kids that...
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